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Stair Climber Trolley Domino People Wheelchair

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The Domino People Wheelchair Stair Climber allows you to move anywhere with ease. Designed to transport hand-operated and electronic wheelchairs up and down staircases, this device combines safety with innovative technology to increase a user’s capabilities. Easily maintain comfort and control while operating this intuitive trolley.

As its name suggests, Domino People is a stair-climbing device for people. Armed with the same characteristics of the traditional Domino Stair Climbing Robot, the unit is equipped with crawler tracks to assist in smooth transportation. The unit is also fitted with independent motors for 360-degrees rotation and automatic tilt features to maintain a steady position.

Our Wheelchair Stair Climber ensures people can easily move and down staircases.

Additional Information

An intuitive Wheelchair Stair Climber that’s designed to transport people!

Our Wheelchair Stair Climber features characteristics that solve problems which affect disabled people every day. The Domino People range restores an ability to move around an area and between levels. Providing a range of advantages for any user, it is efficient and respond immediately to user commands. Choosing Domino means you have access to many benefits, including:

  • An ability to move in narrow spaces with 360° rotation.
  • Comfort when travelling thanks to wide and secure crawler tracks.
  • Non-slipping and non-marking movements – ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • No restrictions regarding irregular steps. The device can move up varied steps, regardless of height.
  • Effortless one-finger control that operates via a proportional joystick.
  • Ability to move across flat surfaces on three puncture-resistant wheels. The front wheel is equipped with a brake, and it can be removed completely.
  • Automatic load tilt to adjust the load evenly when navigating staircases. This takes a lot of stress off the operator during transportation.
Choose the right Wheelchair Stair Climber for your task!

Product Variations

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Domino People
Suitable for manual and electronic wheelchairs up to 400 kg


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