Pallet Lifting Table EZ-OFF

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The EZ-Off Pallet Positioner is a low profile lifter with pallet truck accessibility. It is safe, easy to use and provides a great solution for pallet handling applications. This lifter makes it easy to load and unload pallets, with a pallet truck, and it’s simple to operate via a hand held pendant or optionally by a guarded foot control.

The EZ-OFF Pallet Positioner is electro-hydraulically operated and is a convenient tool for workers who handle large loads on a regular basis. The lifting and revolving platform has a unique, feet-clear safety circuit that automatically stops the platform 230 mm above the floor to prevent foot injuries. The unit is also equipped with safety warning lights and an alarm that alerts the operator before it lowers from the intermediate safety stop.

These lifters feature a 1030 mm rotating disc that’s supported by 32 precision ball bearings. The hydraulic lift and lowering is powered by the positioners electric motor. The EZ-OFF Pallet Positioner has a lowered height of only 45 mm and capacity of 1140 kg.The MEZO25E, freestanding unit has a frontal fixed ramp position. The MEZO25ES has to be anchored to the floor & has 3 ramp positions, a frontal and two side approach ramps. One ramp is supplied & depending on your requirements, you can order additional ramps. This makes it incredibly easy for pallet trucks to access the platform.

Because you only need a pallet jack to load and there is no need for a pit to be provided, it makes the EZ-OFF an attractive pallet handling proposition.


Additional Information

The EZ-OFF Pallet Positioner is a convenient lifter that is available in two models – one is anchored to the floor (code: MEZO25E3S) , while the other is not (code: MEZO25E). The un-anchored model has rear levelling feet for additional stability. The anchored model has three ramp positions as options and it also has a pallet stop. These USA made units are powder coated to protect the equipment in tough working conditions.

Important Features: 

  • Safety warning lights and alarm
  • Integrated approach ramp
  • Three ramp position options and pallet stop
  •  A feet-clear safety circuit stops the platform descent 230 mm above the floor surface

A safety cover and a chain cover guard against pinch points is available. The lifters have automatic platform locks that prevent them from rotating when there is a lowered lifting height. These additional safety features ensure that workers are effectively safeguarded during operation.

See the EZ-OFF Pallet Positioner in action!

Different EZ-OFF Pallet Positioner models available!

MEZO25E Specifications:

EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E

MEZO25E Top View


EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E

MEZO25E Side View

EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E

MEZO25E Front View

MEZO25E3S Specifications:

EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E3S

MEZO25E3S Top View


EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E3S

MEZO25E3S Side View

EZI-OFF Pallet Positioner MEZO25E3S

MEZO25E3S Front View

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Unanchored unit 1 front ramp


Bolt down unit with one ramp
Maximum three ramp positions


Extra ramp for EZ-OFF


Foot control w/guard


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