Floor Level Pallet Inverter

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The Toppy Floor Level Pallet Inverter is a hydraulically driven  stationary pallet exchange device. It will rotate loaded pallets in approximately 25 seconds and exchange pallets with a maximum weight up to 2000 Kg and maximum/minimum height of 2200/820mm. The unit is 415volt 3 phase x 6kw operation & the throughput performance is around 20 pallets per hour. The platforms recognise the load by photo cells so there is no need for excessive pressure to be exerted onto the load. The pallets can be loaded and unloaded via a manual or electric pallet jack. Safety guards to 1, 2, or 3 sides and photo-eye light beam across opening must be supplied with these inverters.  The safety guards with light curtains are an optional extra. Depending on the stability of the load the pallets may be exchanged either at the 90°  or the 180° rotation point.

The pallet turning is:

  • 90° rotation for stable loads (i.e. boxes)
  • 180° rotation for unstable and fragile loads (i.e. bottles)
  • 180° rotation for unstable but not fragile loads (i.e. bags and drums)

The Floor Level Pallet Inverter is operated via a dedicated push button panel. The machine without safety fencing weighs 2000kg. Colour RAL 7035

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