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Retractable Safety Barriers Pilot 5M

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The Pilot Retractable Safety Barrier is a quick and innovative solution that easily secures areas. The system enables areas to be sectioned and closed off, increasing efficiency and allowing for safer management of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It features a 5 metre braked-belt barrier.

Deploy the Pilot Retractable Barrier into any traffic, construction or warehouse application to easily control hazards and remove risks. This device is so versatile it comes with a huge range of supporting accessories. This means the Pilot can be adapted into any working environment, internally and externally. Some industries where it has been used effectively include airports, shipping and logistics, events, retail, warehouse and distribution centres, and so much more!

A highly functional and versatile option, the Pilot has been designed with a twist-lok mechanism, allowing for quick connection and ease of use. This feature allows the device to be moved and placed on a range of items, including posts, cones, and wall and Magna-mount holders.

Additional Information

How does the Pilot Retractable Safety Barrier work?

The Pilot Retractable Safety Barrier has been designed as a complete integrated system. Fit the Pilot over the top of your cone or post and it is ready for use. If greater security is required, the Pilot can be screwed to a cone or supporting material or an optional wall mount bracket is available. The Pilot Retractable Safety Barrier can block doorways, close off aisles or anywhere that requires a fixed barrier!

Control any hazardous environment with this innovative and flexible barrier system. Not only is it a portable solution, but the system has so many benefits that your workplace will function extremely efficiently.


  • Retractable belt unit with four-way connectivity
  • Unique Twist-Lok quick connect system accepts a range of posts, cones, wall and Magna-mount holders
  • Six standard belt colours
  • The pilot body comes complete with a braked belt, locking clip, cone mount adaptor and locking wall receiver
  • Huge range of accessories to tailor the design to your workplace needs

The Pilot is the system you want in command! It can be accompanied by a range of accessories to suit your application, including Mounting Systems, Sign Holders and Powered Solar Lights. The Pilot is available with six standard belt colours – including black/yellow stripes, black/white stripes or solid black, blue, red or yellow. Special printed options can be customised to your requirements.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Fixed In-floor Post for Pilot – PVC

PFIFPVC $60.00

Pilot Caddy Storage Bin Complete With Lid 110H x 127W x 121D


Pilot Caddy Storage Bin Complete With Lid 160H x 127W x 121D


Pilot Caddy Storage Bin Complete With Lid 160H x 237W x 121D


Pilot Caddy Storage Bin Complete With Lid 210H x 237W x 121D


Pilot Cone Kit – Red

PILOT-CKR $154.00

Pilot Cone Kit – Yellow

PILOT-CKY $154.00

Pilot Cone Mount Hand Sanitiser Station Only

PILOT-CMK $69.00

Pilot Caddy Rack1050mm Mounting Rail – Aluminium

PILOT-CR1050-A $19.00

Pilot Caddy Rail Adaptor Bracket


Pilot Doorway Barrier Kit

PILOT-DBK $262.00

Pilot Floor Mount Hand Sanitiser Station complete with Telescopic Multi-Post

PILOT-FMK $447.00

Pilot Floor Mount Sanitiser Station 1000mm High

PILOT-FMK1000 $287.00

Pilot Fixed Multi-Post 1000mm High

PILOT-FMP1000 $202.00

Pilot Mobile Kit

PILOT-MK $699.00

Pilot Mobile Sanitiser Station with 20kg Base 1000mm High

PILOT-MK1000 $515.00

Pilot Hand Sanitiser Station with Magnetic Mounting Bracket

PILOT-MMK $107.00

Pilot 20kg Multi Post 1000mm High

PILOT-MMP20 $519.00

Pilot Magnetic Wall Receiver – Super Heavy Duty

PILOT-MWR $59.00

Pilot Post Kit

PILOT-PK $209.00

Pilot Post Mount – Adaptor

PILOT-PMA $24.00

Pilot PumpPal Bib


Pilot Touchless Sanitiser Station Kit – 1000mm – Adult

PILOT-PPK1000 $270.00

Pilot Touchless Sanitiser Station Kit – 800mm – Child

PILOT-PPK800 $270.00

Pilot Telescopic Multi Post 20kg Base

PILOT-TMP20 $605.00

Pilot Wall Mount Kit

PILOT-WMK $109.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Black

PILOT5-BLK $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Blue

PILOT5-BLU $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Blue/White

PILOT5-BW $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Black/Yellow

PILOT5-BY $92.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Caution

PILOT5-C $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Caution No Entry

PILOT5-CNE $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Danger Do Not Enter

PILOT5-DDNE $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Do Not Enter

PILOT5-DNE $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Green/White

PILOT5-GW $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – No Entry

PILOT5-NE $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Red

PILOT5-RED $94.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Red/White

PILOT5-RW $92.00

Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Yellow

PILOT5-YEL $94.00

Removable In-floor Post for Pilot – Stainless Steel

PRIFSSP $137.00

Pilot Removable 480mm Spike Post – PVC

PRS480-PVC $79.00

Pilot Removable 960mm Spike Post – PVC

PRS960-PVC $87.00

Pilot Hi-line Post and Base

PHLPVC $122.00

Pilot 10kg Cast Iron Base Weight to suit Co-Pilot

PILOT-BW10 $210.00

Pilot Magna-Mount Bracket with Bungy and Belt Clip

PILOT-MMB $72.00

Pilot Wall-Mount Bracket

PILOT-WMB $30.00

Pilot-Caddy Magna Mount

PILOT-CMM $42.00

Pilot Caddy Wall Mount Bracket

PILOT-CWM $14.00

Pilot Caddy Dispenser


Pilot – Cone Mount Adaptor

PILOT-CMA $22.00

Pilot High 5 Hook Accessory

PILOT-H5 $27.00

Pilot 75mm Cradle

PILOT-PC75 $10.00

Pilot 75mm Cradle with Pump Bottle

PILOT-PC75B $19.00

Pilot Solar Powered Light – Amber

PILOT-LTA $49.00

Pilot Solar Powered Light – Green

PILOT-LTG $49.00

Pilot Solar Powered Light – Red

PILOT-LTR $49.00

Pilot Solar Powered Light – White

PILOT-LTW $49.00

Pilot Sign Holder – A4

PILOT-A4SH $52.00

Pilot Sign Holder – A5

PILOT-A5SH $49.00

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