Drum Heater Belt

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These Drum Heater Belts are ideal for small jobs (including viscous chemicals) that need low temperatures (up to 40°C). They are constructed from silicone rubber, reinforced with fibreglass sheet and incorporated in an earthed metal screen. They are 100 mm wide and come complete with 1.2 m flex. Being a moulded assembly they are liquid resistant and extremely flexible to fit snugly around the drum with a simple spring attachment ensuring good contact. They should be used on goods that need heating during colder months. These devices can wrap around a drum easily and fix via an adaptable spring and hook. 

Note:  Use should be on drums that are not damaged and are vertically mounted. Keep Flexible Belt Heater below the level of liquid inside drum. 



Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Drum Fit Diameter Rating 205 litre 546-580mm 1000W/40V


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