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Concrete Kibbles Stand-Up Type

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Our Stand-Up Concrete Kibbles are extremely heavy-duty. With two models available – MCKV21 and MCKV51 – both units feature extensive Working Load Limits (WLL). They are designed to easily transfer concrete on site via an overhead crane. 

Both options of our Stand-Up Concrete Kibbles are fitted with a hydraulic power pack. This unique feature allows an operator to wirelessly control concrete pours from a safe distance. The mechanism also eliminates the need for manual operation and physical effort. This reduces handling hazards and injuries.

These units are finished in enamel paint. They have fork pockets included for easy transportation around site.

Additional Information

Our Stand-Up Concrete Kibbles are a great safe handling solution!

Each Kibble has been designed in accordance with the strictest Australian Standards. They are supplied with a complete hydraulic and wireless system, as standard. This ability allows the machine to open, move and close with the touch of a button. Facilitating workplace safety and increasing operator control, this function enables an operator to stand away from the point of pouring. Operation is now simple, effective and easier to complete.

Two models are available, offering unique capabilities (as outlined below). The MCKV51 is a more robust option, with a 5.1 cubic metre capacity and 12,000 kg WLL.  The MCKV21 features a 2.1 cubic metre capacity and 6000 kg WLL. All units are finished in a durable painted ‘safety yellow’ enamel and construction.

MCKV21 Specifications:

  • Volume Capacity – 2.1 cm3
  • Working Load Limit – 6000 kg
  • Filling Height – 1650 mm
  • Overall Dimensions (mm) – 1994 x 1694 x 1817
  • Unit Weight – 1010 kg
  • Suited for large scale concrete pours
  • Fitted with hydraulic power pack and fork pockets (for transportation)
  • Enamel paint finish

MCKV51 Specifications:

  • Volume Capacity – 5.1 cm3
  • Working Load Limit – 12000 kg
  • Filling Height – 2275 mm
  • Overall Dimensions (mm) – 2416 x 2116 x 2448
  • Unit Weight – 1900 kg
  • Suited for large scale concrete pours
  • Fitted with hydraulic power pack and fork pockets (for transportation)
  • Enamel paint finish

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

2.1 cubic metre kibble

MCKV21 $18,110.00

5.1 cubic metre kibble

MCKV51 $25,070.00

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