Concrete Washout Bin

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The MCPC Concrete Washout Bin range are a great solution when using boom and line concrete pumps. Featuring a heavy-duty construction, the bin ensures waste intake via its pipe and air vent. This innovative build removes risks of injuries often caused by blow-outs during line cleaning. They make an effective on-site solution and are manufactured in galvanised steel.

The Concrete Washout Bin contains hazards and offers a number of safety benefits. Complying with EPA requirements, the bin prevents pollution and cleanly stores cement waste. Crane lugs and fork pockets ensure the bin can be transported around a worksite. This makes it flexible when using in different locations around a warehouse.

One disposable plastic liner is included with each of the MCPC Concrete Washout Bins to assist with easy, fast and cost-effective waste management. They are also available for reorder.

Additional Information

Improve your processes with a durable Concrete Washout Bin!

These bins are a great tool for concrete applications and waste management.  It is used to control, capture and contain concrete washout and run-off, so excess materials can be disposed of effectively. They are commonly used on construction and warehouse industries. The portable and flexible nature of our bins makes them a leading choice for safe handling processes.

Overall Features: 

  • For use with boom and line concrete pumps.
  • Can safely be used with compressed air and water line cleans.
  • Easily removable exhaust air vent for sponge recovery.
  • The lid has been fitted with crane lugs and fork pockets for fit-up and removal.
  • The lid is secured to bin via safety chains in four points.
  • Washout Bin is fitted with crane lugs for lifting and upending load.
  • Washout Bin also has four-way entry fork pockets.
  • 125 mm NB waste intake pipe for quick and safe connection.
  • Option reducers are available to suit 100 mm, 80 mm or 50 mm pipelines.
  • Disposable plastic liners are available for fast and safe waste management.
  • Lid finished with enamel paint.
  • Bin manufactured with a galvanised finish.
Select the right Concrete Washout Bin for your applications!

Three models are available to suit your workplace requirements. With varying Bin Volume Capacities and Working Load Limits, a range of options are available to assist concrete handling and management.

Concrete Washout Bins Specifications: 

Model Bin WLL (kg) Capacity (m3) Overall Dimensions (mm)  Unit Weight (kg)
MCPC11 2000 0.85 1290 x 1180 x 1350 242
MCPC17 2000 1.3 1830 x 1185 x 1285 380
MCPC23 2000 2.5 2330 x 1545 x 1320 600
MCPC23H 5000 2.4 2330 x 1545 x 1325 850


Disposable Bin Liners are supplied with each bin and are also optionally available. Code MCPC17DPL suits MCPC17 bins and code MCPC23DPL suits MCPC23 and MCPC23H bins.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Concrete Washout Bin
WLL (kg) 2000
Weight (kg) 242

MCPC11 $2,370.00

Concrete Washout Bin
WLL (kg) 2000
Weight (kg) 380

MCPC17 $3,330.00

Concrete Washout Bin
WLL (kg) 2000
Weight (kg) 600

MCPC23 $4,900.00

Concrete Washout Bin
WLL (kg) 5000
Weight (kg) 850

MCPC23H $6,740.00

Disposable plastic liner for MCPC17

MCPC17DPL $30.00

Disposable plastic liner for MCPC23 & 23H

MCPC23DPL $30.00

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