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Concrete Kibbles with Slide Valve

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The CKSV10 Concrete Kibble is designed for the easy transfer of concrete or similar materials on-site by overhead crane.

Designed for safe materials handling, concrete kibbles maximise workplace efficiency and improve processes. They ensure complete control over concrete placement while improving concrete conveying. Concrete and other materials are placed where required, without leakage or overspill.

The kibble is supplied with a lever-operated Slide Valve that provides precise control of flow, making it indispensable for filling wall cavities and columns. The 200mm diameter ‘Lay Flat’ hose gives the operator unobstructed views during use.

Designed in accordance with Australian Standards, each kibble is supplied with instructions and guides for best use and practices. Each concrete kibble is fitted with fork pockets for easy transportation around a work site.

Additional Information


• Suitable for use with concrete or similar materials
• Ideal for filling wall cavities, columns and other confined spaces
• Lever-actuated slide valve (200mm diameter) allows the operator to regulate the concrete flow
• 200mm diameter slide valve allows precise control over the concrete flow
• 1.5m long, 200mm diameter ‘Lay Flat’ hose fitted
• Fork pockets and crane lugs fitted for transport around the work site
• Smooth interior allows easy discharge and fast cleaning
• Also available as a hydraulic unit that allows the kibble to be remotely controlled
• Enamel paint finish

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Concrete Kibble with Slide Valve 1.0m3

CKSV10 $4,320.00

Concrete Kibble with Slide Valve 1.0 m3 – hydraulic operation

CKSV10-HPP $10,400.00

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