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Lift Assist Suits – Exoskeletons

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Our Muscle Suit EVERY and LiftSuit, lift assist suits, reduce lower back burden, when carrying heavy goods, people or working whilst bent over. They are light, simple, powerful, assistive, wearable devices, created to help all people live healthy lifestyles. They are intended to be used as a wearable exoskeleton that supports the back and hip muscles, when lifting objects from below hip-level, in a forward-leaning position.

Muscle Suit EVERY. From lightening the load on your back at work to helping with daily labour-intensive activities. Muscle Suit Every is an assistive suit that works using air pressure.

LiftSuit. Like it’s big brother, Muscle Suit EVERY, the LiftSuit is intended to support the user. Integrated elastic elements store energy to reduce the workload whilst working repetitive tasks for prolonged periods

Both are ideal to reduce the workload in applications at manufacturing, logistics, carer/nursing, agriculture operations etc. Easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere and they make life lighter.

Have a look at the video for Muscle Suit EVERY. 

Also see the video on LiftSuit.



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