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Concrete Pump Line Hanger

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Our Concrete Pump Line Hanger is designed to hold suspended concrete pumps off the ground. It raises pump hose lines, ensuring their distribution points can be easily guided. Supported by an overhead crane or telehandler, the hanger is perfect for construction sites.

The device offers a range of safety benefits for a number of concrete applications. Its ability to connect to a crane or telehandler allows for greater site coverage, and its efficient design improves accuracy when pouring concrete.

The hanger is durable, with an enamel paint finish and robust construction. It handles loads up to 500 kg (capacity).

Additional Information

The Concrete Pump Line Hanger is extremely beneficial for building and construction industries!

With a curved and innovative design, the MCML50 Hanger is an intelligent concrete solution. It is ideal for moving concrete pump lines overhead and off the ground. This frees up space and secures pumps when in action. The device reduces the need for a boom pump and is a cost-effective option. The curvature of the devices saddles prevents damage to any hose line or pump. Ratchet tensioners hold pumps into place.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 500 kg
  • Unit Weight – 37 kg
  • Lifting Chain set included
  • Enamel Paint Finish


  • Ideal for large construction sites
  • Moves concrete pump lines overhead
  • Improves efficiency of concrete pours, with greater site coverage
  • Reduces any need or cost for a boom pump (if crane or telehandler is available)
  • Curvature saddle prevents any damage to points (especially when hoisted by crane)
  • Ratchet tensioners are supplied for securing hoses


MCML50 Concrete Pump Line Hanger Application

MCML50 Concrete Pump Line Hanger in action 3

MCML50 Concrete Pump Line Hanger on site

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Concrete Pump Line Hanger
WLL: 500 kg

MCML50 $1,530.00

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