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Load Skates – Air Film Movers

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Solving Air Film Movers are designed for handling very heavy loads, i.e. up to 1000 tonnes or more. They float massive equipment, loads and assemblies on a virtually frictionless cushion of air. As a new generation of movers, they have been developed for the handling of transformers, windings and components, and are operated by radio remote control.

With the Air Film Mover, the load is placed directly on the device or on a loaded pallet, under which the mover drives and collects the load. Air Film Movers only require a single operator to move and supervise the transport, steering and rotation of bulky loads.

Available in either single or dual operation, this innovative handling solution equips state-of-the-art technology and a powerful designed to improve workability and productivity.

Additional Information

Air Film Movers are for heavy or bulky lifting. 

Air Film Movers go by many names, including Air Skates, Air Skids, Air Cushion Vehicle, Air Bearings, Air Flotation Modules or Air Castors. The device uses compressed air to form a thin air film on which a heavy load can be floated and transported. These devices are commonly used for the regular movement of bulky loads at floor level through production facilities and between bays, releasing cranes for essential lifting duties. They suit products like diesel engines, transformers, locomotives, fuselages etc.

With omni-directional driving and precise positioning with easy, these movers are a great pick. There is no floor wear and it is a very quiet and smooth operation. These movers are typically used in mining, motor, manufacturing, aerospace, paper, hydropower and nuclear industries. As custom-built platforms, floating loads or materials on air allows them to be a flexible method of transportation within various industrial facilities.


  • Radio-remote control with a colour display.
  • Low profile transporter to suit the handling of large transformers.
  • Environmentally friendly and silent.
  • Optimised air consumption.
  • High-capacity mover incorporating state-of-the-art technology.
  • Electrical drive units and an integrated hose reel which improve the flexibility of the device.
  • Omni-directional movement.
  • Quiet and smooth in operation.
  • All the functions are controlled with the radio remote control for easy and ergonomic operation.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • No fixed installations in the floor required (such as rails).
  • No floor wear.

The movers are used in single mode, with one device, or dual-mode, for connecting two devices. They can also be equipped with rescue controllers, optional line guidance, load weight display, laser scanners and so much more.

What are the requirements?

The floor forms part of the process, allowing the device to float. Uneven or inclining floors can move the load due to gravitational forces. Therefore, requirements like flat floors, areas free of steps, airtight floors, paper-smooth surfaces and no cracks, will assist in the use of the Air Film Mover.

View the video below to understand the simple functionality of these amazing devices.

Looking for a larger model? 

For details on air skate systems kits up to 360tonne go to our Air Skate Load Movers. Alternatively, view more videos on Air Film Movers and AGV’s.

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