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Air Film Movers- up to 1000 tonnes

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Solving Air Film Movers also known as Air Skates, Air Skids, Air Bearings, Air Flotation Modules or Air Casters, are designed for handling very heavy loads, i.e. up to a 1000 tonnes or more and are generally customised to suit customer’s requirements. They float massive equipment loads and assemblies on a virtually frictionless cushion of air. The load is placed either directly on the Mover or on a load pallet, under which the air film Mover drives when collecting the load. They are used for the regular movement of heavy loads at floor level through production facilities and between bays, releasing cranes for essential lifting duties.

In most cases the Air Film Mover is controlled by a remote control unit, and thus only a single operator is required to move and supervise the transport of bulky loads. Air Film Movers are typically used by customers in the motor, mining, paper and nuclear industries. They safely & easily transport heavy and bulky loads such as diesel engines, transformers, locomotives and fuselages typically used by customers in the mining, manufacturing, aerospace, paper and nuclear industries. These custom-built platforms floating the loads on air make them a flexible method of transporting heavy material within various industrial facilities. See the video to understand the simple functionality of these amazing devices.


Omni-directional driving and precise positioning with easy manoeuvrability. There is no floor wear, or rails & guides in the floor. It is a very quiet and smooth operation, providing a clean and safe working environment.

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