Bulk Bag Filling Station

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The SKF100 Bulk Bag Filling Station is designed to fill bulk bags, totes, and open-top bags with free-flowing, dry materials. Staff do not need to hold the bulk bag open while it is filled or manually fill the bulk bag themselves.

The straightforward design can be employed as a stand-alone solution or as part of an existing production line.

This bag filling station allows bulk bags and other open-top bags to be filled with materials such as plastic granules, grain, fertiliser, and sand. The bag frame can be adjusted to fit a wide range of different shaped bags. While filling the bulk bag or when full, a hydraulically driven lift mechanism allows you to raise and lower the bag. Lifting straps for bulk bags simply slide into prongs to create a simple loading process.

Once the bulk bag has been filled it can be removed using a forklift or a manual pallet jack to remove full bags safely. The bulk bag can be disengaged from the frame without the operator having to leave the seat of the forklift. The integrated fork pockets are only offered for transportation of the filling station.

Product Variations

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Bulk Bag Filling Station

SKF100 $7,620.00

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