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Concrete Collection Trays

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Limit environmental damage with a protective Concrete Collection Tray. Situated underneath a concrete pump, these trays collect spills, concrete waste and washout water in order to minimise potential hazards. They securely pool contents safely, all while removing risks around a worksite. They are a great tool for reducing unnecessary spills.

Featuring a low-profile design and robust construction, the Concrete Collection Tray can be put to work wherever a concrete pump is being used. Two models are available depending on your requirements  – codes MCC110 and MCC215. The MCC215 can handle up to 1500 kg. Both trays are finished with a bright enamel paint design.

Fitted with fork pockets and crane lugs, the trays can be quickly moved around on site. They also feature tapered sides to assist in waste collection. Disposable bin liners (code: MCCDPL) are also available.

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Protect your working environment with a Concrete Collection Tray!

With a reinforced base, this tray is your ultimate waste prevention tool when collecting spillages. It features fork pockets and crane lugs, so it can easily be moved around the site to keep up with demand. Alternatively, the tray can be fitted with an optional wheel kit. Two models are available – MCC110 and MCC215 – to facilitate varying workplace requirements.

MCC110 Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 1860 mm (L) x 1560 mm (W) x 360 mm (H)
  • Safe Working Load: 1000 kg
  • Unit Weight: 150 kg
  • Capacity: 0.50 m3
  • Enamel painted finish
  • Pocket Centres: 870 mm
MCC215 Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 2070 mm (L) x 1570 mm (W) x 400 mm (H)
  • Safe Working Load: 1500 kg
  • Unit Weight: 215 kg
  • Capacity: 0.85 m3
  • Enamel painted finish
  • Pocket Centres: 870 mm
  • HCG: 785 mm

Include an optional plastic liner

An optional disposable liner can be fitted to both bin models. It is designed to improve concrete collection and make waste management fast, easy and cost-effective. The liner is simple to install to either tray. It reduces leaks, increases the longevity of the tray and lowers the cost of washing out excess materials. The MCCDPL Plastic Liner meets EPA regulations and instils a quick method for dumping waste.

Why use a concrete collection tray?

A concrete collection tray is designed to prevent concrete spills and contain washout water when using a concrete pump. This is important for a variety of reasons, but essentially it’s because of the problems that result when either cured or uncured concrete is allowed to remain within the environment.

Whilst cured concrete clearly serves a set purpose – as foundations, driveways or patios – if left to cure where it falls under the pump, it can be unsightly and even a hazard to pedestrians and traffic. Then there’s uncured concrete or washout water that can also become an environmental problem by entering either the stormwater drains or freshwater streams.

Using a concrete collection tray, negates both of these problems as it allows the contractor to contain spills and completely remove the uncured concrete and washout water from the area.

Preventing spills with a concrete collection tray

Contractors and subcontractors are expected to ensure that no concrete is wasted or left on the road or ground, once the delivery is complete. Residents, homeowners, business owners, shopping centre managers and the local council are not equipped to deal with leftover concrete or washout water that has been spilt or left on site.

If this concrete runs into stormwater or freshwater streams, it will become an environmental disaster. A concrete collection tray prevents this from occurring as it contains all spills in its containment tray.

Avoiding unsightly hazards

Spilt, cured concrete can often be seen abandoned throughout building sites and it isn’t a pretty sight. Depending on the amount of concrete that has been left onsite, it can become a hazard to traffic and pedestrians. When it’s left on a homeowners property or on the road, it becomes a problem that now involves the homeowners and even the local council.

There’s no excuse for not leaving a site clean and tidy. This is where a concrete collection tray makes perfect sense because there’s no worry about leaving the site with spilt uncured concrete. It’s all contained within the tray and can be disposed of safely by the contractor.

Protecting the environment

Not many people realise that the contamination of freshwater streams by uncured concrete is a big problem. This hazard can cause some significant environmental issues, even killing aquatic life. This is because concrete contains lime, which dissolves easily in water, and is a strong alkaline solution, which quickly burns and kills fish, insects and plants. This can occur when uncured concrete, dust or even finely ground concrete enters waterways.

Any uncured concrete or concrete particles that enters the stormwater system will discharge into the environment, resulting in contaminated water. Even washing the delivery chute or a wheelbarrow that was used to transport concrete from a truck to the site can cause the same problems.

All of this makes a concrete collection tray an essential piece of equipment for all concrete contractors and subcontractors.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Concrete collection tray

MCC215 $2,250.00

Concrete collection tray

MCC110 $1,450.00

disposable plastic liner for trays

MCCDPL $20.00

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