Drum Management Modules

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Our Drum Management Modules features a rack that stores 205 litre drums in an organised fashion. It also compensates for dispensing and spill control. This device is the epitome of safety as flammable spills can be safely eliminated through flammable pumps and proper grounding devices. The unit is capable of handling 20 litre standard drums and cans in its dispensing well.

Drum Management Modules can all be utilised by forklifts and they pile to a limit of six drums. We do not recommend this product for plastic drum use. As an option, we offer a dispensing shelf for the stack module (this is displayed).


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Dimensions (mm) 1400Wx1230Lx585H
Capacity 378L & 1360kg
Weight 59kg
Base Module


Dimensions (mm) 1040Wx1230Lx330H
Capacity -L & 544kg
Weight 27kg
Stack Module


Dimensions (mm) 430Wx545Lx445H
Capacity -L & 27kg
Weight 3kg
Dispensing Shelf


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