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Drum Spill Pallets Racking Bund

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Our Racking Spill Bin provides much-needed workplace and environmental protection against damaging chemical spills from leaking drums. As a containment tray, it can store and hold up to four standard 205-litre drums with a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg.

Built with an elevated base, users can easily move or relocate the Spill Bin via a forklift or pallet trolley. Racking locators also make it pallet racking friendly, so it’s a great option for warehouse and similar industries. A fitted drain plug assists the containment area, by providing quick waste management and disposal.

Additionally, the Spill Bin tray is made from a long-life, non-flammable galvanised finish that suits various tough environments. This unit exceeds the minimum spill capacity in accordance with Australian Standards for portable units.

Additional Information

Contain rack spills with our safe Spill Bin. 

Protect your workplace from costly spills with this quick and easy pallet racking solution. This Racking Bin provides a great storage option for drums and other hazardous materials, ensuring they don’t leak or damage goods below. The bin has close spacing support bars, which means smaller drums can easily sit on top of the tray. If required, timber pallets may be fitted within the raised skirting area. Its steel fabrication ensures it’s non-flammable and highly durable.


  • Suits 4 x 205 Litre Drums (in total).
  • Racking locators for pallet racking storage.
  • Close support bars means large or small drums can be placed on top of the containment tray.
  • Timber pallets can be fitted to the raised skirt.
  • The drain plug easily empties the full containment tray, if required.
  • Easily transportable via forklift or pallet trolley.
  • Long-life galvanised finished.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 2000 kg
  • Width – 1210 mm
  • Depth – 1210 mm
  • Height – 265 mm
  • Unit Weight – 70 kg
  • Holds 4 Drums securely

Please Note: Drums are not included. 

An optional Nylon Storage Cage Cover (code SPCT-02CC) is also available to provide extra protection against drums and pallet racked goods.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Suits 4 x 205 litre drums
Galvanised 1210 x 1210 x 265 mm
2000 kg capacity
Weight 70 kg

SLR4 $730.00

Optional Canvas Cover

SPCT-02CC $160.00

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