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Drum Spill Pallets Racking Bund

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Our Pallet Racking Bund assists in bunding drums together into pallet racking to preserve warehouse space. This storage solution is a safe and cost-effective solution that improves access to pallets and shelves. The bunds prevent drums from leaking onto other products that can often damage goods. The Pallet Racking Bund catches liquid and easily stores 4 x 205L drums.

The Pallet Racking Bund meets all relevant regulations for safe storage and containment. Made from polymer materials, the construction can easily handle some of the toughest environments. Each bund features long service life, impact-resistant, high tolerance to environmental stresses and of course it is UV stabilised.

Additional Information

Pallet Racking Bund creates an effective storage solution! 

With our Pallet Racking Bund systems, you can easily segregate materials and ensure they are secured together. Each bund has the capacity to support 4 x 205 L drums and can be used with existing pallet racking. The device stops leaking and prevents chemical exposure. Pallet Racking Bund easily sits on racking beams and utilises space between each beam. Its durable polymer construction ensures chemical compatibility with superior material performance. That means it is extremely resistant to harsh chemicals often contained in drums.


  • Product Code – DMXP5001
  • Size (mm) – 1300 x 1300 x 280
  • Weight – 25 kg
  • Construction – Polymer
  • Capacity – 220 L for safe storage of up to 4 x 205 L drums

Note – Polymer materials used in these products meet stringent AS/NZ Standards and consistently exceed UV performance requirements of being exposed to the intense nature of arguably one of the world’s toughest environments. Superior material performance is delivered across a range of factors including long service life, high impact resistance and abrasion, high tolerance to environmental stress cracking and long term resistance to UV degradation.

Drums are not included.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Pallet Racking Bund


Suits 4 x 205 litre drums
Galvanised 1210 x 1210 x 265 mm
2000 kg capacity
Weight 70 kg

SLR4 $730.00

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