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Goods Platform with Ramp

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This Goods Platform is designed to safely load and unload heavy plant equipment and bulky goods. Ideal for use in industrial, warehousing and manufacturing industries, it ensures robust materials handling and goods placement. Featuring a ramp for easy loading and unloading, wheeled products can be quickly placed and transferred onto the platform. As such, awkward and heavy equipment can be moved on a regular basis.

Featuring a reinforced underside, the Goods Platform is built to last and is highly durable. It has fork pockets, which make it safe to move and position the platform with a forklift. Loads are safely secured thanks to many tie-down points. During transport and movement, the load is further protected by steel frames and safety chains.

This Ramped Goods Platform features a Working Load Limit (WLL) of up to 1500 kg.


Additional Information

Safely load and unload plant equipment and bulky goods by a forklift!

If you need to lift, load, transport and move bulky goods, heavy equipment or machinery, then our Goods Platform is your solution. This robustly constructed device ensures easy and quick handling while maintaining user safety through a range of features. Not only is the ramp flooring non-slip, but loads are secured throughout transportation, with safety chains, steel frames and reinforced sides. As such, this Ramped Platform can be used in a range of applications and suits various industries.

MFGPE150 Features:
  • Allows bulky goods, equipment and machinery to be loaded and transported quickly.
  • Ramp access makes loading and unloading easy.
  • Various load sizes may be safely secured using the four tie-down points.
  • Fork pockets ensure safe transportation and skid placement of the platform via forklift.
  • For enhanced load safety during transit, a steel frame and safety chains are included.
  • Ramp flooring has non-slip treadplates.
  • Steel fatigue is prevented by a reinforced underside.
  • Ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and rental industries.
  • Enamel paint finish.
MFGPE150 Specifications:
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 1500 kg
  • Platform Width – 1400 mm
  • Platform Length Total – 1800 mm
  • Platform Length Ramp – 1050 mm
  • Platform Length Flat – 750 mm
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) – 2120 x 1500 x 230 mm
  • Unit Weight – 340 kg
  • Fork Pocket Size – 200 x 65 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 730 mm

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