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Lifting Device Portable Telescopic

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Electric (240volt) or manual operation – the choice is yours! If 240volt power is not available, the units are supplied standard with a handle or use a cordless drill and the 17mm socket.

Our Portable Telescopic Lifters are built with a solid and reliable design. These units are easy-to-use, lightweight and extremely compact. Despite their simplistic construction, these products boast enormous lifting capacities. For small units, they handle loads up to 130kg, making them incredibly economical in operation.

One of the best features of our Portable Telescopic Lifters is that they can be easily stowed and transported to required jobs. Within 60 seconds, one worker can can simply unfold and be setup the lifter, ready for operation. In a folded position, the units dimensions ensures the item can be transported efficiently, in any vehicle, boot or tray. Portable Telescopic Lifters are compactly built for strong performance.

Plasterboard and panel cradle option. Easily and safely lifts boards up onto angled ceilings.

  • Tilts for angle of roof.
  • Head Rotates on lifter master
  • Can load plaster vertically or horizontally.
  • Can be operated vertically for walls or horizontally for ceilings.
  • Adjustable Arms – Extension arms can be adjusted to suit the size of the plaster sheet.
  • Save gaps – Two edges of the plaster sheet are left free so you can “butt” the sheet on the cradle right next to an installed sheet.


Additional Information

The most compact lifter on the market!

Portable Telescopic Lifters are a compact electric lifter that quickly turns a three person lifting task into a single person job, improving company performance, employee productivity and competitor edge. Available in two models – MCM340 and MCM520 – the units feature adjustable legs which allow work to be completed on uneven surfaces. Each leg has a variable, independent adjustment for uneven ground – such as stairways or sloping ground. Because of the independent configuration, you can easily operate against a wall.

Both models come complete with telescoping masts and are operated with a speed trigger that allows for variable positioning of the load (to align with mounting brackets). Ideal for installation and maintenance tasks, the standard platform allows for the lifting of air conditioners, awnings, garage doors, etc. and extension arms are available as an optional addition.

A range of features to assist your business requirements!

Our Portable Telescopic Lifters are nifty lifting machines that pack a punch. They come with a range of benefits that will have you lifting heavy loads in no time:

  • Constructed from heat treated, robust aluminium
  • Compact, safe and reliable design
  • No tools required to set up lifter
  • Four-legs stabilise the lifter across a number of uneven surfaces
  • Variable speed controller (for a soft start and easy adjustment of height)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Manual override (in case of power failure or sites with no 240volt power – supplied with handle or cordless drill and 17mm socket)
  • Automatic Overload clutch (prevents overloading the lifter)
  • Level included (to assist with aligning mast vertically with adjustable legs)
  • Platform standard
  • Extremely portable and easily transported
  • Optional wheel kit available

Two Models Available!

Whilst the MCM340 covers majority of tasks its really ideal for smaller domestic and commercial applications. If demand or workload increases then the MCM520 will suit alternative requirements. The MCM520 is a larger lifter and comes with wheels.

MCM340 Lifter

  • Basic height – 970 mm
  • Lifting height – 3.3 m
  • Load capacity – 130 kg
  • Weight of Lifter – 21 kg
  • Weight of Platform – 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions Stowed – 300 x 300 mm
  • Base dimension (legs extended) – 100 x 110 cm

MCM340 Portable Telescopic Lifter


MCM520 Lifter

  • Basic height – 1190 mm
  • Lifting height – 4.9 m
  • Load capacity – 140 kg
  • Weight of Lifter – 38 kg
  • Weight of Platform – 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions Stowed – 380 x 380 mm
  • Base dimension (legs extended) – 150 x 140 cm

MCM520 Portable Telescopic Lifter

Require something else?

If this model isn’t what you’re after, then we encourage you to continue browsing our vast range of materials lifters!

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Portable telescopic lifter
130kg capacity
3300mm lift height


Portable telescopic lifter
140kg capacity
4900mm lift height


Plasterboard and panel cradle option


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