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Ramps Aluminium Dock Board

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Our Aluminium Dock Board successfully bridges the gap between a truck and dock level floor. Similar to our Dock Plates, these boards act as a ramp and improve unloading/loading activities. The Aluminium Dock Board features a heavy-duty design however, and can easily support robust machinery like a forklift. 

The board consists of a plate deck with steel curbs on either side of the design. This ensures items do not fall or drive off the edge and adds additional strength and stability to the overall build. As the unit weighs 104 kgs, it comes complete with carry chains so the board can be transported around a work site.

The overall length and width of the design is 1525 mm, however alternative sizes and load ratings are available upon request.

Additional Information

Aluminium Dock Board heavier machinery

Supports heavier machinery like forklifts.

Aluminium Dock Board lifting chains

Each Dock Board is supplied with lifting chains.

The Dock Board is a heavy-duty pallet ramp perfect for industrial applications.

Our Aluminium Dock Board (Code: MDB6060) boasts an incredible maximum capacity of 4500 kgs. When used with appropriate powered equipment, it can easily become a ramp that accesses containers. Carry chains and shackles are included for stability and the board is also supplied with lifting chains to transport around on site. Additionally, it features locating legs to prevent slipping or unwarranted disengagement. This product is ideal for heavy machinery and forklifts.


  • Maximum Height Difference – 125 mm between levels
  • Length – 1525 mm
  • Width – 1525 mm
  • Thickness – 10 mm
  • Maximum Capacity – 4500 kgs
  • Total Unit Weight – 104 kgs
  • Materials – Aluminium

Dock Board or Dock Plates?

Our Aluminium Dock Board is a heavier duty model than a standard Dock Plate. This is to ensure that the board can support larger machinery items like forklifts. Manufactured from robust aluminium, the Dock Board is transported around a workplace via a forklift, due to the unit’s weight. Alternatively, Dock Plates are generally used for lighter equipment items (like pallet jacks and trolleys) and can be handled manually.

Need a lighter model?

Try our Aluminium Dock Plate that can easily be transported around site manually. It is a smaller version of the Dock Board.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Aluminium Dock Board
Max. Capacity – 4500 kgs
Unit Weight – 104 kgs

MDB6060 $2,755.00

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