Drum Crusher 205litre

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These “grunt” Drum Crushers dispose of damaged or unwanted 205 litre drums and save on space, transport and handling, whilst enabling easy recycling. Insert the drum, close the safety, interlocking door and press the button for automatic compaction. The unit will reduce a 205 litre drum to a 75mm high disc in an 40 second cycle. A pallet with 48 crushed drums has a product height of only 900mm making it ideal for disposing of drums in remote mining sites etc.

This crusher has a high compaction force ratio and a totally enclosed chamber ensuring a high level of safety. It is simple to operate, low maintenance and has an ergonomic design. The easy loading and quick cycle times save time and money. It is fitted with a 30 litre oil collection tray with tap connection and fork pockets for easy relocation.

Click here for a video on 205 litre drum crusher.
A baler/crusher for large volumes of small cans is also available, Click here.


Product Variations

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MatHand 205L drum crusher


MatHand 20L can crusher/baler


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