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Drum Rim Remove Tool Fibre Drum De-Chimers

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The Wizard fibre drum de-chimers are designed for safe and easy recycling of fibre drums. There are two models: A stationary unit and a portable unit for lower volumes.

The Wizard Stationary Fibre Drum De-Chimer is for high volumes (more than 50 drums a day). It is durable, fully automatic, computer controlled, guarded for safety and does all the work for you. Simply insert a drum and press go. The steel and aluminium construction de-chimer revolves the drum, removing the top and bottom metal chimes at the same time. One operation that takes less than a minute.

The Wizard Portable Fibre Drum De-Chimer is designed for a moderate to low volume of drums (less than 50 drums per day) Also suited to operations where drums are stored in more than one location. Place the unit on a drum, make an easy torque adjustment and press go. The device drives itself around the drum, removing a chime in less than one minute.

This leaves you with the residual product, separated and ready to be recycled.

  • Make fibre drum disposal a no hassle operation
  • Reduce storage space and streamline plant operations
  • Reduce expenses such as transport, disposal, landfill and tipping fees

Product Variations

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Portable fibre drum de-chimer


Stationary fibre drum de-chimer


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