Drum Lifter Rotator Forklift Mounted Sideways

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This unique rotator allows for sideways drum rotation without need for hydraulics.
* 500kg safe working load
* 360 degree rotation
* Unit weight 110kg
* Load centre 1400mm
* Pocket size 185 x 65mm
* Pocket centres 430mm
* Painted enamel

Plastic Barrel Option (PBO): 
By replacing the standard belly strap, the PBO option allows for plastic drums and barrels, as well as standard steel drums to be handled. The dual woven and chain combination belly straps hold the drum or barrel firmly in position.  The PBO option is suitable for a maximum load of 350kg


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  
MSW-NHPBO $6,290.00

Sideways Drum Rotator- Chain Operated

DSWNC $5,740.00

Sideways Drum Rotator- Handle Operaterd

DSWNH $5,610.00

Chain Operated Plastic Drum Option

DSWNC-PBO $6,430.00

Handle Operated Plastic Drum Option

DSWNH-PBO $6,290.00

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