Collision Alert Sensors

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Protect your employees and building assets with Collision Alert Sensors.

An innovative safety system, these devices alert forklift drivers and pedestrians of potential dangerous encounters around blind corners. They are a traffic safety solution, ideal for various applications, including pallet racking aisles, warehouses, loading docks, intersections and doorways.

Collision Alert Sensors target areas commonly involved in near-misses and potential accidents. They feature a unique system with motion sensors, visual indicators (flashing lights) and optional audible alarms. These devices alert staff of potential hazards. This increases workplace safety and reduces costs associated with accidents.

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Did you know… most workplace fatalities are associated with forklifts colliding with pedestrians? The need for workplace traffic segregation is vital.

Collision Alert Sensors allow for easy recognition of potentially hazardous situations. Why risk Occupational Health and Safety when you can protect your valuable assets and employees?

State-of-the-art technology for increased safety!

You can rely on Collision Alert Sensors to be your eyes and ears in your workplace. Fitted with durable motion sensors, the quality and reputation of this product place these devices as industry leaders in intersection protection. By creating awareness of possible dangers, you can reduce the risk of damage, injury and death. These systems are more than just a product, they are life-saving!

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Employ Collision Awareness in your organisation today!

Check out a sample warehouse configuration below and see how Collision Alert Sensors can neatly fit into your organisation.

We can easily create a solution for your warehouse facility. Contact us today to get started.

Sample Warehouse Configuration of Collision Awareness Sensors

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