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Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors

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Our Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors are quickly becoming a preferred solution for traffic control as they are perfect for any warehouse area. These products prevent accidents and potential costly situations in warehouses, yards and offices.

Ideal for typical forklift traffic alerts, Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors flash at opposite corners and both sensors can be activated simultaneously. The modular design ensures they can be mounted on existing hardware, rack or corner, and installation is completed in minutes!

We have a range of options available to suit your requirements:

  • Look Out 1 – perfect for 2-way corners.
  • Look Out 1 Exterior – similar to Look Out 1, but with stainless steel enclosure.
  • Look Out 2 – similar to Look Out 1, but larger enclosure with extra lights.
  • Look Out 3 – ideal for 3-way intersections.



Additional Information

Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors are ideal for creating awareness at blind corners and protecting intersections from dangerous collisions. The units are available in a number of models which can be installed on any rack or corner.

Find the right solution for your workplace!

The Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors are designed to remove dangerous encounters between forklift drivers and pedestrians. Installation is incredibly simple – plug the device into an outlet and you’re ready to go. Each unit can be mounted to any rack or corner.

Look Out 1

Perfect for 2-way corners, Look Out 1 is best suited for installation at the end of rack aisles. Each sensor alerts the opposite corner. These are easy to adjust and when activated, flash bright LED warning lights. The lights will blink of each side of the unit to warn approaching traffic there is an object around the corner.

  • Wall mount for end of aisle obstructions.
  • Uses a single set of flashing LED lights – Amber and Brilliant lights available on request.
  • Standard Power Connection, various power cord lengths available.
  • Sensors feature remote capabilities.

LO1 Look Out Sensor


Look Out 1 Exterior

This model is ideal for outside applications due to its stainless steel construction. Its design ensures extra durability. The light box and sensors are installed outside, whilst the control box is mounted in the interior of a building.

  • Unit includes one exterior box, 2 lights, 2 remote exterior sensors and an interior control box.
  • Powder coated stainless steel box.
  • Power Cord comes standard, however additional cord lengths are available.

LO1EX Look Out Exterior Sensor

Look Out 2

The Look Out 2 features a similar design to the Look Out 1 model. The Look Out 2 model is however, a bigger enclosure and has two LED warning lights on each side – making it even more visible when alerting potential hazards. This unit is designed to mount to any rack upright or corner structure.

  • Feature an additional set of lights that alternate when activated.
  • Can be mounted at any corner.
  • Standard Power Connection, various cord lengths available.
  • Amber and Brillant lights available on request.
  • Sensors have remote capabilities.
  • Ceilling suspended larger model available, please see Look Out Ceiling Suspended Sensors

LO2 Look Out Sensor


Look Out 3

The Look Out 3 option is an excellent product for 3-way intersections (as it has 3 sensors). It provides a 3-directional alert system where two sensors monitor the main aisles, while a third monitors the row that meets the main aisle. The unit is designed to meet any style of rack upright or corner structure.

  • Monitors 3-way intersections and alerts all directions.
  • Amber lights available on request.
  • Ceilling suspended model available, please see Look Out Ceiling Suspended Sensors.

LO3 Look Out Sensor

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Look Out 1
Lights – 2
Sensors – 2
Boxes – 1


Look Out 1
Lights – 2
Sensors – 2 for exterior mounting
Boxes – 2 stainless steel enclosures


Look Out 2
Lights – 4
Sensors – 2
Boxes – 1


Look Out 3
Lights – 2 small + 2 large
Sensors – 3
Boxes – rack/corner mount


Collision Awareness audible alarm option
Suitable for interior models 88 dB


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