Columbia Pallet Load Transfer Stations

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Our Columbia Pallet Load Transfer Station (LTS) allows you to transfer a variety of goods in many pallet to pallet combinations. This unit allows for efficient and dynamic transporting of cases, bags, pails, glass vials, cartons, boxes, sacks and heavy drums (etc.).

Columbia Pallet LTS are manufactured to improve well-being for warehouse personnel and improve the overall cleanliness of plants and processing facilities. They streamline warehouse operations, reduce shipping expenses, decrease wear and tear on lift trucks and maintain a high product quality.

We recommend this device for food processing, supermarket & retail distribution centres, pharmaceutical, warehousing and distribution industries. This product is a safety revolution and we have installed it in over 500 workplaces (and counting!). These units require no strenuous lifting of pallets, have machine mounted guarding and are a quicker processing unit than load inverters.


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