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Foam Filled Column Protector Cushions

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Our Foam Filled Column Protector Cushions are an incredibly versatile and durable protection assistant. Designed to ensure the protection of your building assets, they increase the structural safety of your organisation.

Prevent damage to columns by enclosing them with this foam-filled polyethylene cushion. It’s that simple. These devices only require one person installation and remove ongoing maintenance due to their technological build. Secure the two blow-moulded hard shells in seconds as no tools or extra equipment is required.

Column Protector Cushions are filled with an expanding foam that dramatically increases impact consequences. This innovative design ensures the unit returns to its original shape after a collision, ensuring ongoing protection and reduced damage expenses.


Additional Information

Protect your workplace with our Foam Filled Column Protector Cushions!

These products have a range of beneficial features to ensure your business is working with ease. Some great advantages include:

  • The column protector easily absorbs impacts due to its foam-filled polyethylene design.
  • Cushion is exactly what it provides, as the device is easily secured around a building asset that needs protection.
  • These column protectors are moulded from high impact resistant polyethylene and come in bright safety yellow colour that is easily noticed. The unit also features contrasting black straps.
  • Use singularly or stacked the column protectors on top of each other for extra height.
  • U.V stabilised, which make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free!
  • Chemical resistant, non-conductive and waterproof.
Find the right model for your working environment.

Column Protector Cushions are available in 350, 610 and 870 mm diameters; all 900mm high. There are 8 square internal sizes so they can fit square or round columns and can be used singularly or stacked in pairs. They are bright in colour (safety yellow) and are UV stabilised, chemical resistant and non-conductive.

Technical Specifications (at a glance):

  • Material – Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Finish – Solid yellow colour
  • Size – 350mm diameter x 900mm high; 610mm diameter x 900mm high; 870mm diameter x 900mm high
  • Weight – 6 to 18 kg.
  • Installation – One person, simple installation. No tools required.
An extremely versatile and durable column protector!

Some other column protectors may look similar however, this particular model is the only one that has the added advantage of foam fill! It is an attractive way of adding effective protection around parking structure columns and other valuable building assets. View a similar product of this range, like our Structural Column Protectors or our Park Sentry!

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Kit 350mm Outer x 100mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 350mm Outer x 150mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 610mm Outer x 200mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 610mm Outer x 250mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 610mm Outer x 300mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 870mm Outer x 350mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 870mm Outer x 400mm Inner x 900mm High


Kit 870mm Outer x 450mm Inner x 900mm High


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