Park Sentry

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The World’s First Effective Bump-N-Go Collision Protector

Park Sentry® is a new, attractive way to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns.  Park Sentry® adds a soft, scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns, protecting both columns and vehicles from collision damage.  Easily applied with few or no tools, Park Sentry® increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether.  With Park Sentry® installed, vehicles can confidently park closer to the columns, virtually expanding the usable parking space.

Moulded from a thin layer of specifically engineered ARPRO® material, Park Sentry’s unique design offers extra protection in the 90 degree corners where most collision damage occurs.  Park Sentry® can be customized to fit any square or rectangular concrete column.  Ideal for car-park application because it maximizes protection without sacrificing parking space.

Value Features:

  • Modular design fits any sized 4-sided column.
  • Formed of specifically engineered ARPRO® material.
  • U.V. stabilized.
  • 40mm thick plank for low-profile installation.
  • Oil, chemical, water and flame resistant.
  • Features progressive resistance technology.  Resistance increases as collision force increases.
  • Mounting points for optional mechanical attachment to column.
  • Easy to install and secure.
  • Adjustable Straps: approx. 3 metres in length.
  • All components interlock on assembly.



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