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Jib Cranes – Aluminium MechRail

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Introducing our MechRail Aluminium Jib Crane – a compact and modular lifting and handling solution!

The jib is configured using MechRail aluminium crane profile to create a lightweight and easy to operate lifting solution. The MechRail profile has a considerably lower mass compared to steel crane profiles. The operator can quickly and safely slew the crane around the workspace without resistance. You move, MechRail moves with you – without effort. You stop, MechRail stops with you without attempting to drag away from the operator.

The enclosed crane profile keeps the track clean from dust and debris so load trolleys move seamlessly through the MechRail for an amazing result. The MechRail jib crane is an extremely versatile product. It can be supplied as a free-standing solution (typically fixed to a concrete slab) or as a wall-mounted solution to fix onto an existing building column or wall structure.

Our MechRail Aluminium Jib Crane can be supplied with a range of hoists depending on your application. The MechRail Jib Crane is only one part of the complete lifting solution!

The MechRail Jib Crane is perfect for handling loads up to 250 kg with a maximum reach of 6000 mm. Modular and compact design while very easy to operate with simple installation and low maintenance costs.

Additional Information

Benefits of the MechRail Jib Crane
A jib crane is only one possible arrangement of a crane that utilises the MechRail aluminium crane profile. It is designed to improve the handling of materials in your workshop, factory or distribution centre. It is easy to use and eliminates the need for employees to lift and transfer heavy loads manually. This prevents workplace injuries, particularly when lifting and bending are major causes of back injuries at work.
MechRail aluminium crane rail profile
Lightweight and easy to use
Being made from lightweight aluminium, the MechRail is particularly suited to repetitive lifting and handling tasks. In this type of situation, a heavier jib crane made from steel would be cumbersome and difficult to move, requiring a lot of effort and potentially leading to frequent back injuries or repetitive strain injuries. The lightweight MechRail profile also means it is easy to install when compared to a much heavier steel frame. This lightweight property, however, doesn’t mean that the crane can’t lift heavy loads! With a maximum lift of 500kg, the MechRail jib crane might be all the capacity you need. Employees can move the boom and jib around the workspace without effort, easily lifting and moving materials, and reducing the potential for workplace injuries.
MechRail Aluminium Jib Cranes
Easy to maintain
If your business demands a high level of cleanliness, MechRail is the ideal solution. MechRail is an enclosed crane rail that keeps the tracks free from dust and debris. We also have smooth side profiles without slots to accommodate applications that require a high level of cleanliness. If you require a unique crane configuration, we can design a solution to suit your requirements.
MechRail AHB190 FS ASSEMBLY diagram
The MechRail system can also be easily extended or reconfigured, so if your situation changes and you need the crane to be made wider or longer, that is no problem. This is because our standard fasteners and components make it easy to make changes to a crane that is already in place. You can fit various attachments to the MechRail profile due to the T-formed grooves on the sides, top and bottom of the rail. These attachments include cable trolleys, limit switches, hoses and tubing, pneumatic units and parking brakes. While the crane can be moved by hand, you can optionally select a pneumatic or electric drive unit.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance crane that is easy to use, lightweight and can be configured to suit your changing needs, then the MechRail jib crane ticks all the boxes. Our Aluminium Jib Cranes use the range of track profiles within the MechRail family. The MechRail lightweight crane system features a catalogue of standard accessories allowing you to customise the solution. The shape of the profiles keeps the track surface free from debris for smooth running and long service life.
MechRail Aluminium Jib Cranes 2
The MechRail Jib Crane features lightweight bearings in the pivot specifically designed for repetitive movements. This combined with an effortless load trolley movement allows the operator to work quickly and freely without strenuous effort. Repetitive tasks are simplified so effort and strain injuries are completely eliminated.
MechRail Aluminium Jib Cranes cable trolleys diagram
A huge range of options and accessories ensure the system is completed to your specifications. This includes professional cable and hose supply options. Our sales representatives are here to help plan a solution tailored to your needs – contact us today!
MechRail Aluminium Jib Cranes
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