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Chain Hoists – Manual CX Series

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Our CX Series Chain Blocks are an extremely useful device that is commonly used as a lifting assistant when handling heavy loads. Able to lift capacities of up to 500 kg, the unit is incredibly lightweight and compact. Workers won’t have to overexert themselves by moving heavy loads, reducing the risks of manual handling injuries or strains from strenuous repetitious actions.

Kito Chain Blocks are a manual hoist that is very flexible and efficient. They are designed with high-strength load chains to ensure heavy loads are handled with ease. These units are even more beneficial for personnel working at heights, as they transport loads to higher levels – enabling employees to work quickly, seamlessly and carefree.

Additional Information

CX Chain Blocks lift loads to new heights!

These Kito Chain Blocks are a great solution for a number of manual handling and lifting requirements, including applications within the assembly line, at a workstation, job site or workshop. They are available in two load-lifting capacities – 250 kg and 500 kg. Each model is lightweight and compact, constructed with high strength and equipped with an overload limiter.

Kito Chain Blocks have a range of features including:

  • Available in 0.25 or 0.5-tonne capacities.
  • Standard lift height of 2.5 metres; optional lift heights are also available upon request.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The wide internal diameter of hooks (top and bottom).
  • Smart body with non-protruding bolts.
  • Low headroom on each model.
  • Equipped with an overload limiter (also known as friction clutch).
  • High-strength load chain.
  • Hook latch with tip supporting structure.
  • Durable design with light overall weight varying between 2-5 kgs.
  • Overload Load Limiter (OLL) fitted as standard.

LCX Hand Chain Blocks Features

CX Series Kito Hand Chain Blocks Technical Specifications: 

Model Capacity Headroom (mm) Load Chain Dia (mm) x fall Weight (kg) Load Chain Dia x Pitch (mm) Heights of Lift (m)
CX003 250 kg 217 3.2 x 1 2.4 3.2 x 9 2.5
CX005 500 kg 260 4.3 x 1 4.5 4.3 x 12 2.5

* Optional lift heights available. 

Require further information?

View our range of Vital Hand Chain Blocks from 0.5 – 20tonne. Contact one of our sales representatives today or alternatively, continue browsing our wide range of lifting equipment.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

CX Series Chain Block 250kg 6m HOL


CX Series Chain Block 250kg


CX Series Chain Block 500kg


CX Series Chain Block 500kg 6m HOL


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