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Lifting Frames – Wire Mesh

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Our Wire Mesh Lifters safely lift and transport wire mesh around work sites. As a forklift attachment, they are ideal for loading and moving panels with load connection points adjustable to three positions. This device easily transforms your forklift into a multi-purpose vehicle that can safely transport heavy reinforcing mesh.

This cost-effective solution lowers the danger of material damage and potential delays during transfers, whether at your warehouse or on the job site. As a high-quality forklift attachment, our range boasts a lifting capacity of 2000 kg and is made for heavy-duty lifting.

Wire Mesh Lifters are provided with 1 metre of chain, as well as mesh hooks. Additionally, the attachment easily slips on and features a safety chain for quick connection.

Additional Information

Improve your site capabilities with Wire Mesh Lifters. 

With this unique range of lifting equipment, you can improve your safety around the workplace. These lifters are perfect for loading and transporting mesh panels in the construction and building sectors, also benefitting warehousing applications. Choose from three models below, each with great features to improve worker capabilities.

LFMH2 Range

The LFMH2 Wire Mesh Lifters are available in two sizes, both of which suit mesh panel transportation. Load connection points are adjustable to three positions, with chain shorteners included helping adjust the load depth. This is a slip-on attachment with a safety chain for quick connection. The LFMH2-2020 and LFMH2-3024 are supplied with a 1-metre chain and mesh hooks and finished in orange enamel paint.

LFMH2-2020 Specifications:

  • Working Load Limit – 2000 kg
  • Hook Centre Width – 2000 mm
  • Extension Position 1 – 1210 mm
  • Extension Position 2 – 1600 mm
  • Extension Position 3 – 2000 mm
  • Fork Pocket Size – 185 x 70 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 950 mm
  • Unit Weight – 220 kg
LFMH2-2020 Wire Mesh Lifters

LFMH2-2020 Wire Mesh Lifters

LFMH2-3024 Specifications:

  • Working Load Limit – 2000 kg
  • Hook Centre Width – 3000 mm
  • Extension Position 1 – 1400 mm
  • Extension Position 2 – 1900 mm
  • Extension Position 3 – 2400 mm
  • Fork Pocket Size – 185 x 70 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 950 mm
  • Unit Weight – 405 kg
LFMH2-3024 Wire Mesh Lifters

LFMH2-3024 Wire Mesh Lifters


LCFMREO Reo Mesh Lifter

This model has the built-in capacity to be used in conjunction with a crane, and, therefore, is designed to lift and transport reo mesh with ease by both overhead crane or forklift. Load connection points are adjustable by moving the extendable arms and can be set to three positions. A chain shortener allows adjustment of load depth.

When using via overhead crane, you can use the attachment via the centre hook as a Lifting Beam or with the 2 leg chain sling as a Spreader Beam. Alternatively, fork pockets easily allow the attachment to slip on to a forklift. The LCFMREO model has a zinc finish on extendable arms and orange enamel paint on the main body. It’s supplied with a 1-metre chain and mesh hooks.

LCFMREO Specifications: 

  • Working Load Limit – 2000 kg
  • Unit Weight – 350 kg
  • Fork Pocket Size – 185 x 85 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 900 mm
LCFMREO 2T Wire Mesh Lifters

LCFMREO Wire Mesh Lifters

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Wire mesh lifter. Hook cetre width 2000mm

LFMH2-2020 $4,100.00

Wire mesh lifter. Hook centre width 3000mm

LFMH2-3024 $5,990.00

Reo mesh panel lifter 2tonne capacity


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