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Mobile Gantry Crane

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Lifting and materials handling problems can be quite complex. In some cases a forklift, crane or other overhead lifting solution can become expensive. Our Mobile Gantry Crane provides a cost-effective lifting solution that is reliable and versatile.

The Mobile Gantry Crane is made to order, so it can be customised to suit a wide range of possibilities and applications without cost penalties. The engineered design makes the device incredibly easy to use, simple to assemble or dismantle and extremely practical as it can be used virtually anywhere (indoors and outdoors).

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More than meets the eye!

This particular product is a professional choice for your lifting activities. The heavy duty castors allow the device to be effortlessly transported around a workplace and shifted into position for quick access. Mobile Gantry Cranes are designed built locally and in accordance with Australian Standards. You choose the height and span required and we supply the complete solution to fit!

Our Mobile Gantry Cranes can be made to handle up to 7500 kg and span from 3m all the way up to 8m. This allows the unit to be extremely versatile when in use.

 Mobile Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes are an ideal solution for lifting activities that require completion without the expense of a restrictive fixed structure. These units cost less than an overhead crane system and are completely versatile – they can be moved directly to the job at hand.

Choose the gantry crane that suits you!

A variety of options are available to ensure your gantry crane suits your needs. Choose from a number of options including:

  • Steel or aluminium construction
  • Lift capacity from 250 kg to 5000 kg
  • Manual chain block or electric hoist
  • Manual or electric beam trolley for hoist travel
  • Motorised (powered drive) wheel base

The Mobile Gantry Crane is customised and designed to your requirements. Please speak with our sales representative for further information.

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