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Wheelie Bin Transporter Trailers

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Our modular Wheelie Bin Transporter Trailers allow an operator to effortlessly move multiple bins to their desired location. Combined with our Powered Tugs, these systems are compatible with 80, 120, 140, 240 and 360 litre wheelie bins.

Safely move bins to any discharging areas! These trailers increase productivity in the workplace by effectively moving many bins at once. They remove risks of shoulder and back injuries, that are normally typical during bin collection and retrieval processes. Safely transport and travel loads up and down ramps and reach your destination quickly.


Additional Information

Reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks and reduce time moving waste bins with our easy-to-use trailers. They are ideal for applications where emptying and moving bins is a frequent task. Employ Wheelie Bin Transporter Trailers in facilities with multiple bins, apartment buildings, schools, sports grounds, hotels, hospitality services, universities and institutions. These units are Australian made. They can be partnered with our Powered Tugs (capacity depending on application) and can be customised to attach directly to the trailer.

Technical Specifications and Data

The Wheelie Bin Transporter Trailers is available in two models – three bay or six bay trailer. Both models suit all types of wheelie bins between 80-360 litres.

  • Load capacity of up to 240 kg per bin bay
  • Compatible with 80, 120, 140, 240 and 360 litre wheelie bins
  • Gas strut actuated bin ramp
  • Fits within one standard car parking space
  • Comes with pin-hitch coupling as standard, also available with tow ball or hitch couplings
  • Comprehensive 12-moth warranty available
Wheelie Bin Transporter Trailers

These systems are the perfect solution to manual handling issues! There are models available to suit three or six large wheelie bins and can easily transport smaller sized bins as well. These trolleys and hitches do not include the battery-powered tugs.

Find the right Powered Tug to compliment your Wheelie Bin Trailer!

We have Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys to help you move loads of wheelie bins. Our Powered Electrodrive Tugs can attach directly to the trailers and our Zallys Powered Tugs can be customised to assist as well.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Wheelie Bin Trailer- 3 bins
Suits 80-360L
0.915H x 2.305L x 0.7W


Wheelie Bin Trailer- 6 bins
Suits 80-360L
0.915H x 2.305L x 1.5W


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