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Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand M

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The Easyhand M Vacuum Tube Lifter is a small and handy general purpose vacuum lifter. It is built on the Easyhand modular design principle so it can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Choose this system for handling loads up to 50 kg. Ideally suited to lifting tasks between the shoulders and knees, not lifting from the floor.

There are a number of possibilities when you put the Easyhand M to the task. Also known as Microlex, this unit is an easily operated vacuum lifting device. It’s small, convenient and only requires one hand use. The baby brother to the Vacuhand Pro, the Easyhand makes heavy objects feel incredibly weightless and reduces risk in manual handling activities.

  • Single-hand operation
  • Can be customised to suit the task
  • Ideal for small, repeat handling of loads up to 50 kg
  • Incredibly ergonomic and safe to use
  • Very reliable
  • Low service costs
  • Stainless steel is available
  • Available in either electric or compressed air powered
  • Wide range of accessories are available

Additional Information

Easyhand M is easy to use

Lift, move and lower objects in a single fluid motion with the Easyhand M (also known as Microlex). Workloads are easier and more efficient, and safe lifting increases employee morale. Microlex is small and convenient for lifting heavy objects between 5-55 kg and minimal operator training is required.

Single hand control

Operation for this vacuum lifting device only requires one hand. With incredible flexibility, Easyhand can be adapted to a number of handling situations. Some applications don’t even use vacuum to grip the product, take a look!

Many possibilities!

With a wide range of accessories to assist in your lifting actions, Easyhand offers a number of possibilities. It can be used for many different products with a variety of control handles, suction heads and accessories that optimise the lifting solution. Specify your requirements and we’ll help you decide exactly what you need. Easyhand is even available in stainless steel for food and the pharmaceutical environment! Easyhand M can be used in temperatures as low as -5 degrees, making it ideal for cold and cool room applications.

Reduces risks and injuries

Easyhand M eliminates the need for physical manual handling tasks, that if performed incorrectly, can severely injure employees and damage goods. Build confidence in your workplace, by installing and investing in an Easyhand Vacuum Tube Lifter. Guaranteed to reduce lifting hazards and support your organisation in its duties.

Easy to adapt

Easyhand system is easy to apply to changing needs. With its modular design, at any point in time, you can simply reconfigure the lifting system to suit your new business goals. Ask us how and we’ll tell you more!

Easy to implement in your workplace

With the pneumatic vacuum pump, the unit is very easy to install as the pump is mounted on the top swivel. There are also a number of electric vacuum pumps available to suit your application. It is incredibly beneficial and easy to implement this technology in your workplace.

Vaculex ML with containers Easyhand M 120 rectangular suction footVacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand M 16

Easyhand M 120 H pattern suction foot

Ready to see the Easyhand M in action?

Lift objects securely with Easyhand lifting devices, in particular the Easyhand M small and handy vacuum system. See how these organisations are putting it into practice.

Technical Data

Maximum Lifting Capacity 50 kg Pneumatic Microlex. Vaculex ML
Lift Tube Sizes 60-120 Ø
Electric Vacuum Pump 415V 3 phase
Pneumatic Vacuum Pump [ejector] 420-630 NI/min at 6 bar
Vertical movement (stroke)
2.5 m lift tube [standard] 1.7 m
3.0 m lift tube 2.1 m
Installation height
2.5 m lift tube 2.9 m
3.0 m lift tube 3.4 m
Safety Factor (attachment force/lifting force) 2.5 minimum

Customise your system to your needs!

With a wide variety of accessories available, you can tailor your system to your requirements. Some options include different suction heads (rectangular, oval, yoke, round, etc), angle adaptors, protection valves, control units, remote controls and many more.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand M carton handling 9

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Quick connection upper


Quick connection lower


Angle joint 90°


Bottom swivel


Bottom swivel double bearing


Bottom swivel 4 position


Protective sock 60 diameter


Protective sock 80 diameter


Protective sock 100 diameter


Protective sock 120 diameter


Fixed extended handle 200mm


Fixed extended handle 400mm


Fixed extended handle 600mm


Fixed extended handle 800mm


Fixed extended handle 1200mm


2-hand handle


2-hand handle knob


Extended handle flexible 200+200mm


Extended handle flexible 200+400mm


Extended handle flexible 200+600mm


Extended handle flexible 400+400mm


Extended handle flexible 400+600mm


Extended handle flexible 800+400mm


Lift tube 60 x 4.0 m


Lift tube 60 x 2.5 m standard


Lift tube 80 x 4.0 m


Lift tube 80 x 2.5 m standard


Lift tube 100 x 4.0 m