Quick-Lift Rail

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Our Quick-Lift Rail (QLR) unit is an intelligent lifting device for repetitive ergonomic handling. An impressive crane rail-mounted solution that can be fitted to a new or existing crane rail system to complete materials handling and heavy lifting actions.

The manoeuvre handle senses the up and down force from the operator. The lifting motion of the motor then reflects this force. Regardless of the load, only 20 grams of operating force is required to lift loads up to 600kg.

When the handle is released the load is in balance allowing the operator to use both hands to move the load freely, with minimal force. The handle is attached to the gripping device and is close to the load to increase operator feel and awareness.

Additional Information

The best lifting solution, ever! 

The Quick-Lift Rail can be suspended from our MechRail and Gorbel crane profiles for an ultimate solution. Alternatively, the Quick-Lift Rail can be mounted onto an existing crane rail system. Various standard lifting attachments [hooks and grabs] are available including customised end effectors for a push-button actuated gripping solution.

The key to a good lifting solution is precision, speed, and most of all a comprehensive gripper. Most grippers are custom designed for each application. By offering a complete turnkey lifting solution, we provide unique and user-friendly devices that are easy to use, built to last and that will increase profitability.

How Easy Is This?

With just a feather touch on the patented lift handle and our Quick-Lift Rail System unit leaps into controlled action. Where the hand goes, so the load follow. It is truly the closest thing to the bionic hand since the TV series “Six Million Dollar Man”. When the manoeuvring handle is released the lifted product is in balance and can be lifted and lowered for precise positioning without the use of the control handle.

Need something else?

For lightweight lifting, try our Quick-Lift Arm solution that features a lightweight articulated design. Or view our Quick-Lift Handles and Grippers range to find the best attachments for your device.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Quick Lift Rail QLR 50i
50kg capacity


Quick Lift Rail QLR 125i
125kg capacity


Quick Lift Rail QLR 200i
200kg capacity


Quick Lift Rail QLR 300i
300kg capacity


Quick Lift Rail QLR 600i
600kg capacity


QLR 125 Black Line
Includes QLR device Standard Control handle Fixed hook


QLR 200 Black Line
Includes QLR device Standard Control handle Fixed hook


QLR 300 Black Line
Includes QLR device Standard Control handle Fixed hook


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