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As a manual handling solution, the Paldisc Pallet Turntable assists operators by providing complete access to products during many production and logistic processes. It features incredible rotational functionality and an ultra-low profile height that suits hand pallet trucks. A worker can safely load or unload products without unsafely reaching, straining or stretching across a pallet.

With the Paldisc Pallet Turntable (otherwise known as a Rotating Table), access to goods is easier than ever before. The solid disc shape of the unit makes it suitable for a variety of goods, including small and odd-shaped items, skids, crates and square pallets. Unlike other turntables, this unit does not have a hollow middle section, meaning goods are secure and stable on the device.

Perfect for load levelling, packaging, goods processing, manufacturing and warehouse environments, this stellar unit can handle and provide rotation of goods with a capacity of up to 2 tonnes. 

Additional Information

The Paldisc is one of the lowest turntables on the market!

Manually rotation of goods up to 2000 kg is safe and easy with this unique Pallet Turntable. Not only is it versatile and an effective handling aid, but it’s a cost-effective solution that improves ergonomics when loading and unloading products. It can be used either by itself on the ground or mounted onto a stand or scissor lift table. Two models are available – either the standard Paldisc MSA02 with a ramp or the MSA03 without a ramp.


  • Provides rotation and handling of products up to 2000 kg.
  • Has an ultra-low profile height of only 22 mm.
  • Ideal for use with hand pallet trucks and forklifts.
  • Suitable for a range of products, thanks to its solid disc shape.
  • Optional perimeter ramp available.
  • Can be added onto a stand for ergonomic loading or included in scissor lift specifications.
  • Ideal for bulky goods loading and similar tasks.
  • The compact size of the turntable makes it ideal to use in areas where space is limited.

Paldisc and Scissor Lift

A tapered perimeter ramp is also available to accommodate the models low profile with roll-on/roll-off movability. This facilitates easy access for pallet trucks. Additionally, an optional Tyne Lug or Edge Lever helps to facilitate safe lifting, transport and repositioning of the unit. The Paldisc device is really at home when fitted to a SmartLift Scissor Table.   

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Another model that is affordable, robust and easy to use is the Palring. It’s super tough and suited to manual palletising/depalletising of goods. Alternatively, view our combination of Pallet Turntables on Stands.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Paldisc (with ramp suited to pallet jack)


Paldisc without ramp [square edge]


Paldisc tyne lug
Optional extra that can be fixed into the centre of the Paldisc to accept a forklift tyne for transport


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