Pallet Turntables On Stands

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Our Pallet Turntables on Stands are an effective space-saving solution. They are ideal for locations where workstations require a handling aid, but available space or access is limited.

The Palring Turntable option rotates pallets with ease and when placed on a stand, workers do not have to stretch to rotate goods. The stand eliminates bending to improve productivity with faster job completion times and less work injury risks.

Pallet Turntables on a Stand accommodate both product rotation and elevation requirements. They alleviate manual effort and stress that is commonly associated with handling heavy products. Additional models are available with/without rotational locks and fork sockets. The rotational lock is self-locking in the rest position with an easy release foot pedal.

Pallet Turntables feature a diameter of 1100 mm, a capacity of 2000 kg and the standard lifting heights are either 300 mm or 500 mm. Customised heights are available as a special order.

Other optional turntable products include our Palring or it’s low profile cousin. Paldisc.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Turntable on stand 300mm high
Includes rotational lock
No fork pockets


Turntable on stand 500mm high
Includes rotational lock
No fork pockets


Turntable on stand 500mm high
No rotational lock
Includes fork pockets


Turntable on stand 500mm high
Includes rotation lock
Includes fork pocket


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