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Pallet Stackers – Quikstak Magic Eye

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Our Quikstak electric pallet stacker lets you lift and lower pallets with ease. It makes transferring, loading and unloading tasks quick and easy. The Quikstak is an innovative tool for any warehouse application. So much so, there’s nothing like it on the market. Fitted with magic-eye laser technology, using an infrared sensor, this feature automatically adjusts the working height of a pallet for the operator

Ergonomically designed, the Quikstak reaches a range of working heights and reduces manual handling strains (such as bending, lifting, over-reaching). The device features a powered lifting system that allows it to be electronically controlled.

Additional Information

Introducing the Quikstak Pallet Stacker…

Quikstak is an electric pallet stacker with 1000 kg capacity and a compact ‘mono-mast’ design that allows the operator excellent vision of the workspace.

Fitted with laser height-levelling technology, the Quikstak allows the operator to load or unload the pallet at an ergonomic height with minimal risk.

The height adjustment sensor continuously monitors the height of the product stacked on the pallet. This data is passed to a PLC which automatically raises or lowers the fork height to maintain a level while layers are added or removed. The stacking height can be adjusted to suit the operator preference or the specific task at hand.

Quikstak pallet stackers include a powered lift and lower unction and power-drive function via a DC drive motor. The stacker is also fitted with a regenerative braking system, and a side-mounted control handle to further increase the operator field of view. 

One of the best features of the Quikstak the infra-red height sensor. A unique and patented addition, the Magic-Eye automatically moves a pallet to an ideal working height whilst an operator unloads/loads products. No operator input is required as it’s completely intuitive. The Magic-Eye Infrared Sensor reduces manual handling strains as it ensures an ergonomic height is maintained. When the infrared sensor is switched off, the Quikstak reverts back to standard mode as an electric pallet stacker.

Overall Features:

  • Load capacity 1000 kg
  • Lift height 1600 or1900 mm
  • Laser height sensor (Class III) with dual-mode levelling
  • Adjustable activation height
  • Fascia-mounted control panel with Emergency Stop
  • Adjustable straddle outriggers (overall width 1135mm-1435mm)
  • Curtis DC traction controller
  • Regenerative braking

Pallet Stackers Quikstak automatic levelling (5) Pallet Stackers Quikstak automatic levelling (3)

Product Variations

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Quikstak magic eye kit with laser height


Quikstak pallet stacker with auto-levelling


Quikstak pallet stacker with auto-levelling


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