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Our Cargo Materials Lifter is a multi-duty lifter that makes the perfect assistant for a range of tasks. With a range of swappable fittings, it handles various loads. It can also be easily transported to and from the site as it folds quickly to dramatically reduce its transportation size. Built-in level and adjustable legs also help to ensure the load is level and safe for operation. 

Depending on the model chosen, our Cargo Materials Lifters can lift to a range of heights. The ES series features a durable powered model, and our CS model is a manual-winch alternative. It can also lift up to 300 kg.

This innovative solution is commonly used in Building and Construction, Warehouse and similar industries, this Lifter is perfect for Electrical Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Garage Door Installers, Industrial Maintenance, Steel Frame Erection and Facilities Maintenance.

Additional Information

An innovative and durable Cargo Materials Lifter.

Available in two model types – CS Series with Manual Winch and ES Series with Electric Winch – this lifter features a robust and durable mast that also has a safety anti-fall system. All steel cables and pulleys are covered for safety reasons, and the lifter is highly maneuverable on site. A level assists an operator with a stable setup and there are further limit switches on the mast.


  • Select powered model ES or manual winch model CS.
  • Three models with 5, 7 and 8-metre lifting heights.
  • Load Capacity of 300 kg, with either standard or optional pipe lifting cradle.
  • Robust, durable mast.
  • Safety anti-fall system on the mast.
  • One person can easily load and unload from a vehicle.
  • Legs fold, making it easy to set up and move on-site.
  • Equipped with an onboard level for safe operator set up.


Model Lifting Height (forks up) Lifting Height (forks down) Load Capacity (38.5 cm from boom) Load Capacity (70 cm from boom) Basic Dimensions (stowed) Basic Dimensions (operating)
ES/CS550 498 553 300 kg 250 kg 90 x 76 cm 216 x 70 cm
ES/CS700 654 716 200 kg
ES/CS850 816 871 200 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Manual Materials Lifter 5.53m x 300kg


Powered Materials Lifter 5.53m x 300kg


Manual Materials Lifter 7.16m x 300kg


Powered Materials Lifter 7.16m x 300kg


Manual Materials Lifter 8.71m x 300kg


Powered Materials Lifter 8.71m x 300kg


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