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The Palift Pallet Leveller is one of the most useful and cost effective ways to enhance safety and productivity when loading and unloading palletised goods.

Palift is a load elevating and lowering table designed to eliminate the bending & stretching when workers are manually loading or unloading pallets.
As a palletised load is progressively loaded or unloaded it is gradually raised or lowered automatically to maintain the top of the load at an ideal loading height throughout the entire operation.

It are is typically used in production areas, at the end of conveyors, in warehouses or anywhere that pallets are being broken down or built up.  They are also suitable for use with stillages, large bins or stacks of sheets.

Palift work positioners are all fully galvanised & available in 3 sizes:

  • Palift Standard with 2 springs is our most popular unit for everyday products up to 2000kg.
  • Palift Maxi with 4 springs for heavy high density weights like bricks etc. & has a capacity of 2500kg.
  • Palift Lite with 1 spring is for light weight products 150-250kg

Stainless steel versions especially for food & pharmaceutical environments are now also available. The MCH3SS is a turntable top Palift & the MCH1SS is a square top Palift.

The MCH3 comes standard with a turntable & is the most popular model by far.
It has a raised height of 709mm and a collapsed height of 239mm.
An optional mobility trolley MCH9 is available for both the MCH1 & MCH3 Palifts.

The Palift has loads of other benefits as well including:

  • Efficient in safety
  • Load always at waist level
  • No more bending or straining
  • No running costs at all!
  • No power supply or hydraulics
  • No levers – completely automatic
  • Operation is simplicity itself

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price  

Square Top Palift


Handle for mobility kit


Adjustable feet [set of 4]


Palift Turntable Rotation Lock


Stainless Square Top Palift


Turntable Top Palift


Stainless Turntable Top Palift


Mobility Kit for Palift (no handle)


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