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Pallet Lifting Tables Automatic

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Our Auto Pallet Positioners are an ergonomic and modern way to load and unload pallets. A self-levelling pallet positioner, this device reduces worker fatigue by bringing the product to an ergonomic height for the operator.

Built with an advanced design, the positioners can adjust their capacity without changing air pressure. The height adjustment eliminates bending and the rotating top eliminates reaching and stretching to awkward positions. Workers will not have to strain themselves. The positioners remove the risk of manual handling injuries, improves safety and eliminates any potential damage to valuable products.

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Additional Information

Auto Pallet Positioners are the perfect addition to any loading/unloading process where pallets are used. They are best suited to manufacturing, processing and distribution jobs. The machine is spring-free and has been designed to automatically raise or lower as the product is added or removed. Featuring a rotating ring, reaching and stretching is eliminated. As the load changes, the unit will automatically respond by raising or lowering, keeping the top of the load at the optimum height.

Auto Pallet Positioners Auto Pallet Positioners Auto Pallet Positioners Auto Pallet Positioners
Built with a unique patent-pending, self contained pneumatic system.
Offers unsurpassed performance.
With the control valve, the operator can vary the capacity setting quickly and easily. Hinged maintenance bars provide extra safety, eliminating manual handling risks/hazards. For extra stability and security, the rollers are enclosed in the base of the frame.

A number of features to help your lifting requirements!

  • A self-levelling design keeps the load at an ergonomic working height.
  • Improves productivity and eliminates the need for bending and reaching.
  • Air operation removes mechanical springs and increases the control of the movement.
  • The adjustable valve controls the capacity setting (without affecting the air pressure).
  • Smooth and even rotation due to the secured ball bearing centre pivot even when loaded to max capacity!
  • Excess pressure build-up is prevented by the pressure relief valve.
  • Finished with a heavy duty powder coat finish for a durable surface.
  • Rollers in the base frame increase stability.
  • Safety guard eliminates pinch points between underside of the rotating ring and bearings.
  • Features safetymaintenance blocks.

Simple to implement in your workplace!

The Auto Pallet Positioners are delivered to your facility fully assembled. All that needs to be added is air. They can be easily transported with a fork truck or via optional portability devices.

Technical Specifications

(A)  Rotator Ring Diameter – 1092mm
(B)  Lowered Height – 267mm
(C)  Raised Height – 775mm
(D)  Base Frame Length – 1245mm
(E)  Base Frame Width – 617mmMaximum Capacity – 1814kgs
Travel (stroke) – 508mm
Air Pressure Adjustment – 10-60 psi
Capacity Adjustment – 3 position valve
(light – medium – heavy)
Auto Pallet Positioners Technical Requirements

Try our manual option!

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Auto levelling pneumatic pallet positioner
1800kg capacity
1100mm diameter rotating top


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