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Gas Cylinder LPG Storage Cages

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Designed to store a range of LPG cylinders, our unique LPG Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are built from heavy-duty steel with fully welded seams. With pad-lockable doors and a durable construction, they easily protect, store and secure cylinders in any warehouse. 

These cabinets are compact modules specifically suited for standard LPG cylinders, small LPG cylinders and general purpose cylinders. Complying completely with Australian Standards, they also feature chain restraints for individual control and natural ventilation. Forklift channels also allow the cabinet to be easily relocated.

Additional Information

Our LPG Gas Cylinder Storage cages are completely Australian Made. 

Available in a range of sizes, these gas bottle cages provide heavy-duty stores to suit 9 kg and 18 kg forklift LPG cylinders. They comply with the complete storage requirements as outlined by Australian Standards and they ensure the safe storage of Class 2.1 Flammable Gases. Built from sheet steel with fully welded seams, the frame is complete with a powder coat finish for quality and durability. Extra security features are also included like bolt-down plates, restraints and lockable doors.


  • Heavy-duty construction and surface protection for outdoor use.
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standards.
  • Quality made and manufactured in Australia.
  • Forklift channels for easy relocation (empty lift only).
  • Pad-lockable doors and individual cylinder restraints for high security.
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage that complies with Australian Standards.
  • A compact design suited for a range of LPG gas cylinders.
  • Different models are available to suit 9 kg LPG cylinders or 18 kg Forklift LPG cylinders (P size and T size).


Code Dimensions (mm)  Weight (kg) Storage Capacity
Heavy Duty Gas Stores to suit 9 kg LPG Cylinders
SGQA02 EXT 620 777 433 19.5 2 x P size LPG cylinders
INT 555 650 375
SGQA04 EXT 1191 777 433 48 4 x P size LPG cylinders
INT 552 x 2 650 375
SGQA06 EXT 1191 1086 433 63 6 x P size LPG cylinders
INT 552 x 2 967 375
SGQA08 EXT 1191 777 754 67 8 x P size LPG cylinders
INT 552 x 2 650 695
Heavy Duty Gas Stores to suit 18 kg LPG Cylinders
MGF02 EXT 1005 755 486 35 2 x T size LPG cylinders
INT 885 684 420
MGF04 EXT 1005 755 785 65 4 x T size LPG cylinders
INT 885 684 720
MGF06 EXT 1005 1104 785 95 6 x T size LPG cylinders
INT 885 1033 720
MGF12 EXT 1915 1104 785 182 12 x T size LPG cylinders
INT 877 x 2 1013 720

Note: Cylinders are not included. 

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

LPG Store for storage of 2 x 9kg bottle

SGQA02 $986.00

LPG Store for storage of 4 x 9kg bottle

SGQA04 $1,148.00

LPG Store for storage of 6 x 9kg bottle

SGQA06 $1,451.00

LPG Store for storage of 8 x 9kg bottle

SGQA08 $1,695.00

Forklift LPG store – 2 Cylinder

MGF02 $948.00

Forklift LPG store – 4 Cylinder

MGF04 $1,086.00

Forklift LPG store – 6 Cylinder

MGF06 $1,678.00

Forklift LPG store – 12 Cylinder

MGF12 $2,188.00

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