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Pallet Return & Stack Devices

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Avoid injury risks anywhere in your facility.  Pallet Return Devices will assist production workers with the hard labour task of stacking empty wooden or plastic pallets without using an outside energy source such as electricity or compressed air. They are the perfect pallet return solution that many operations, specifically distribution centres, general warehousing facilities, manufacturing facilities, food and beverage plants, and retail stores, can benefit from. It works to increase the safety of your facility by reducing the risks of handling pallets with a lifting method that reduces musculoskeletal disorders. The units also reduce the risks of falling pallets because a ‘perfect’ stack is less prone to tipping over and causing a potentially serious injury. A neat stack also reduces labour costs as labourers no longer have to struggle to make an acceptable stack and fork truck drivers avoid reshaping a stack of pallets when ready to be handled again. An optional flashing strobe alerts forklift driver a full stack is ready for pickup.

Pallet Return Devices are available in two configurations: Stand Alone Floor Configuration & Pick module.

Stand Alone Floor Configuration can be mounted in any facility with a flat surface so the benefits experienced in a pick module can also be experienced in all other areas of a facility.  Anywhere that pallets are stacked, the stand alone floor model can be there to assist!

Pick Module Configuration mounts to existing pallet flow rails and can be retrofitted to fit any existing pallet racking.


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