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Castors Light Duty – Twin Wheel Series – FALLSHAW

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Our Light Duty Twin Series Castors are ideal for a number of low capacity activities and are most suitable installed on office equipment and light trolleys.  Individually, they support up to 40 kg (however, installing four castors will support up to 160 kg).

The dual wheel system allows for flexible swivel actions and more maneuverability in tight places.  The spread load minimises floor damage and less effort is required to change direction. Not to mention that the twin system provides better stability.  Light Duty Twin Series Castors are plastic and come with or without brakes.  Castors are available with a number of options including:

  • Plate with swivel
  • Plate with swivel and wheel brake
  • Threaded 3/8 pintle
  • Theatred 3/8 pintle with wheel brake
  • Friction System

Choosing the right castor by selecting the right wheel type for your action.  Contact Materials Handling Pty Ltd on freecall 1300 65 00 35 to order.


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