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Motorised Fifth Wheel Trolley Drive

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Turn your trolley or hospital bed into a powerful machine with the Motorised Fifth Wheel! This innovative solution helps convert manual push trolleys and hospital beds into motorised devices. Ergonomically designed, the wheel helps operators move heavy loads more efficiently and safely.

Solve manual handling problems by retro-fitting this powerful device to an existing trolley or hospital bed. The Motorised Fifth Wheel is an incredible solution capable of moving up to 400 kg on flat ground (both retractable and non-retractable) and it eliminates physical strain often caused by manually pushing/pulling heavy loads. It’s a handy solution that makes large work easy and removes potential injury risks.

The Motorised Fifth Wheel kit includes a large polyurethane drive wheel, slide-out battery carriage, a smart charger and an ergonomically designed grip/hand controller (for a normal walking position). It works collectively with the other four wheels to move weighty loads. The handlebars of the powered device can be configured to flexibly assist with a range of trolleys and hospital beds.


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Introduce a Motorised Fifth Wheel and start moving heavy loads faster!

Many companies seek a way to improve their manual handling activities. For employees who are pushing and pulling tall heavy trolleys numerous times a day, they can be exposed to repetitive injuries or strains. These stresses, caused by extensive physical labour tasks, can be catastrophic and approximately 60% of workplace injuries within the healthcare industry are directly associated with pushing/reversing trolleys, beds and wheelchairs (especially when moving up and down slopes and rough surfaces).

If your staff is at risk of manual handling injuries, then the answer is simple – motorise your trolleys and start working efficiently, effectively and productively. Our Fifth Wheel is a retrofittable kit for converting hospital beds and trolleys into powered ones.


  • A strong motorised wheel capable of moving up to 400 kg on flat ground.
  • Flexible configurations to fit trolleys with vertical or horizontal handlebars of varying widths and heights.
  • Smart charger for optimum operation and battery life.
  • Slide-out battery carriage.
  • An emergency stop button, to completely power off the unit.
  • Gas struts for traction as opposed to a spring-loaded system which keeps the drive wheel on the ground at all times for superior traction and has a dampening effect that minimises the shock of bumps and cracks in surfaces.
  • Automatic “dead man” PARK BRAKE that engages when you let go of the throttle.
  • Manual brake override switch to release the park brake in the unlikely event the batteries go flat. It has a powerful 300W motor and 2 x 33Ah gel batteries assembled within the slide-out carriage, for a longer duty cycle.
  • Ergonomic thumb throttle style controller for “walking in front of the trolley” for tall trolleys where visibility is an issue, but can also be mounted horizontally for driving from the rear of low trolleys.

Drive Kits come complete with:

  • A powerful motorised drive-wheel (retractable or non-retractable) 
  • Batteries, Slide Out Battery Shelf & Smart Charger 
  • Ergonomically Designed Grip/Hand Controllers
  • Wiring Looms and Connectors

A great solution for many trolleys!

The Motorised Fifth Wheel can work with just about any device as its handle clamps can be customised, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of trolleys. Some suitable models include meal delivery systems, hotel luggage trolleys, stock trolleys, linen trolleys and even hospital beds.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Retractable powered 5th wheel KIT with ‘Gzunda’ style control. A retrofittable kit for converting hospital beds into powered ones


Non-retractable 5th wheel KIT with horizontal control


Non-retractable 5th wheel KIT with vertical control


Retractable 5th wheel in carriage 


Non-retractable 5th wheel in carriage


Gzunda-style two hand control unit for retractable powered 5th wheel


Horizontally mounted control unit for powered 5th wheel


Vertically mounted control unit for powered 5th wheel


Slide out battery carriage


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