Flex Impact Airport Barriers

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Our Flex Impact Airport Barriers, made from an innovative, unique, polymer compound with built-in memory, spring back into shape when impacted by a vehicle, are a safe and strong solution making them vital for airports and aviation industries.

Maximum safety is incredibly important at every airport, but it must be balanced with a cost-effective result. As the name suggests, Flex Impact Airport Barriers have been designed with high impact resistance and achieve both benefits, as outlined, with ease.

The secret to their success is in their polymer construction that has been designed in accordance with the strictest safety standards and quality checked and tested. Unlike ordinary steel barriers, Flex Impact Airport Barriers are flexible, durable and spring back to their original form if obstructed.

Additional Information

Flex Impact Airport Barriers are a super strong barrier system!

These guardrails are robust and help protect protects valuable assets and heavy vehicles from damage. If the barrier is hit by a tug, truck or vehicle, their built-in memory ensures they spring back into shape. No bending or buckling, and heavy expense bills are a thing of the past! Flex Impact polymer barrier systems can be used on both internal and external air side airport and land applications.

Where should I install these units?

Because our airport barriers are the second heaviest and one of the most durable within the Flex Impact polymer traffic range, they can be used to protect a number of activities. For internal use, they are ideal for door protection, baggage handling equipment protection and traffic and pedestrian segregation. When used externally, they protect floodlights, columns, pier and charging stations and become a provision for walkways, guiding pedestrians to all airside areas. Flex Impact Airport Barriers ensure equipment and personnel are effectively and adequately protected from impact damage by airport vehicles. 

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Protect your workplace from fatal accidents and costly crashes. Flex Impact is a safe polymer barrier system that offers a great way for you to protect your people and segregate your traffic and valuable assets. Learn more about the entire range!


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