Drum Roller/Mixer

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Our Drum Roller Mixer (also known as a Drum Rotator) is suitable for mixing and blending liquids, slurries, powders, granules, ball milling and coating in 205 litres (44 gallons) drums. It rotates the steel drums at approximately 44 rpm. With a smooth rolling action, this device effectively mixing the contents inside a drum. 

The idler rollers are adjustable to accept smaller drums and the drum roller is fitted with an end safety roller. They are supplied with 0.37 kW motors in either single or three-phase supply. Optionally available in flameproof versions (Ex d IIB T4 IEC Ex CE II2G). Drum not included. 



Additional Information

A great solution for Drum Mixing.

Our Drum Roller (code DR205) is a great tool for mixing the materials inside a drum. Simply place the drum on the device, roll and contents will blend inside the drum. Optional flameproof motors and fully seal welded baffles are also available (for a more intense mix). This unit can adjust to suit smaller sized bins as well.


  • Suitable for 200 L drums (44 gallons).
  • Adjustable idler to fit smaller drums.
  • End safety roller.
  • Available with 0.37 kW single-phase or three-phase motors.
  • Height from centre of roller to the ground is 140 mm.

Drum Roller Mixer dimensions

See our Drum Tumbler Mixer for another great solution. Alternatively, check out our Steel Drums

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Drum Roller Mixer – Three Phase
Mild steel construction


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