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Hold Safe Trailer Support Stands are an innovative solution that helps stabilise heavy loads. Perfect for large distribution centres, food manufacturing plants, warehouses and loading docks, they support trailers easily and safely as a single stand.

Unsupported trailers can cause major hazards within any working environment. Therefore, our Trailer Support Stands have been keeping logistics and such trucking yards safe for many years. Their ingenious construction keeps trailers secure, reduces trailer tip and removes any potential collapse due to unloading or loading requirements.

With a robust design, these stands are ergonomic and easy to use or move. They are supplied in a safety yellow colour and feature large semi-pneumatic wheels, with a bicycle-style handle. Additionally, the units two-speed gearbox makes positioning safe, easy and quick.



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Stabilise heavy loads with our Trailer Support Stands.

Simply place the Trailer Support Stand underneath the front of an unsupported trailer. Hand crank to then adjust the height of the trailer, until it’s level and fully supported. This device then ensures the trailer doesn’t tip and the risk of the landing gear sinking into the ground or collapsing is removed.

Problems that can be avoided with a Trailer Support Stand

Our Trailer Support Stands help to optimise the stability of trailers, during loading and unloading, when they are not connected to a truck or tractor. They can also be used to level trailers parked on slopes and in all instances, prevent the trailer from upending.

It’s easy to understand how a fully loaded forklift can put an excessive strain on a parked trailer during the loading and unloading processes. Issues such as heavy cargoes, unbalanced loads and unknown weights can all lead to unstable loads that can upend a trailer when it’s not attached to a truck. There’s also the problem of corroded or aged landing gear that can no longer take the weight of a fully loaded forklift inside the trailer, also resulting in an upended trailer.

An unbalanced or upended trailer can not only result in significant injuries, but can also cause a cascade of effects, which result in damages to cargo or other trailers in immediate vicinity. This can result in lost productivity due to worker injuries. Then there’s the cost of repairing the trailers and the forklift, and the costs of the damaged cargo, not forgetting that you can’t use the loading dock until everything is removed and cleared from the area.

Benefits of a Trailer Support Stand

Clearly, it’s important that employers do all they can to increase the stability of unattached trailers during the loading and unloading processes, whether on hard surfaces or softer ground. The solution is a heavy duty Trailer Support Stand that reduces the risk of all these accidents. This support stand comes with an oversized top plate (12.5mm thick x 140.0mm wide x 670.0mm long) and heavy duty base plate (400.0mm x 525.0mm) to provide outstanding stability for your parked trailers.

With a 25,000 kg lift capacity and a 45,500 kg static load capacity, this support stand is ideal for high or low traffic docks that move a lot of cargo, whether heavy or low weight loads. The ergonomically designed bicycle style guide handles with vinyl grips take the effort out of moving the Trailer Support Stand, aided by the 405.0 mm semi-pneumatic tyres and two-speed gearbox.

Our Trailer Stand is an easy and affordable strategy that saves employers valuable time on the dock, as well as keeping their employees safe and their trailers, forklifts and cargo damage free. When deciding whether or not your company can benefit from one of these Trailer Support Stands, consider the weights you are loading and unloading and how much dock traffic you deal with every day. Then consider the costs of an upended trailer and the damage to your reputation that this will entail.

Utilising the Trailer Support Stand in your docking areas lets everyone know that your company adheres to the highest safety standards for both your employees and your client’s cargo.


  • Lift Capacity – 25,000 kg
  • Static Load Capacity – 45,500 kg
  • Retracted Height – 1060 mm
  • Extended Height – 1405 mm
  • Gearbox – User-friendly 2-Speed allows for safe and easy lifting of unloaded or loaded trailers
  • Wheels – 405 mm Semi-Pneumatic tyres for easy mobility
  • Guide Handles – Ergonomically designed bicycle style with vinyl grips
  • Top Plate – Oversized Heavy Duty Type; 12.5 (thick) x 140 (wide) x 670 mm (long)
  • Base Plate – Oversized Heavy Duty Type; 400 x 525 mm for maximum stability
  • Colour – Safety Yellow
  • Warranty – 12 months

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