Trailer Unloading Conveyor

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Perfect for loading and unloading vehicles and containers, the Truck and Container Loader/Unloader allows items to be emptied from a vehicle or container, without a loading bay or raised dock. Each unit features a multi-functional operation and they easily adjust to varying heights. When extended they allow for a workable interface between operatives. They are complete with either flexible, powered or gravity roller conveyors at the front.

The Truck and Container Loader/Unloader is compact, portable and can be easily moved manually. It features a variety of functions, including powered raise and lower. Building upon existing safety features, a belt drive inverter ensures progressive acceleration up to running speed.

Choose from either these compact models suitable for vans, trucks and raised dock level containers. Keep browsing our range and view some of our other container loading and unloading devices.

Additional Information

The Truck and Container Loader/Unloader is great for areas without a loading bay or raised dock. 

Easily lift or lower boxes and items out of containers or trucks with this innovative device. Consisting of a powered incline belt conveyor, which is combined with a flexible roller/skate wheel conveyor, this solution improves manual handling risks and increases productivity. Other lower-cost gravity options are available as well, depending on workplace requirements.


  • Inverter on Belt Drive – progressive speed controlled by start/stop operation.
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment – allows the unit to lower or raise to suit varying working heights.
  • Underside Covers – painted perforated steel covers prevent operators from touching internal moving parts, increasing user safety.
  • Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor – either a powered or gravity flexible conveyor can be fitted to the front of the equipment.

Overall Specifications: 

  • Mains Supply – 240V, 1ph, 16A, 50 Hz
  • Load Capacity – 50 kg/m
  • Transport Speed – 10-22 m/min
  • Transport Direction – Reversible
  • Belt Drive – Geared Motor Unit
  • Controls (front of the machine) – Start/Stop, Extend/Retract, Raise/Lower
  • Control Voltage – 24 VDC
  • Emergency Stops – 2-off, one either side
  • Up/Down Movement – Front Up, Front Down, Rear Up, Rear Down
  • Mains Supply Connection – Isolated Supply to be provided by the customer
Van and Truck Loader

Van and Truck Loader

CNHA600 Powered Specifications: 

  • Flexible Closed Length (mm) – 2000
  • Flexible Extended Length (mm) – 4000
  • Base Closed Length (mm) – 6700
  • Vehicle Penetration (mm) – 5000

CNHB600 Gravity Specifications: 

  • Flexible Closed Length (mm) – 2200
  • Flexible Extended Length (mm) – 7000
  • Base Closed Length (mm) – 6900
  • Vehicle Penetration (mm) – 8000

Download our drawings above to learn more about the unique differences between our CNHA600 Powered model or our CNHB600 Gravity model.

Alternatively, browse our wide range of conveyors to find a solution that suits your organisation.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Loader with 4000mm powered extendable conveyor


Loader with 7000mm gravity extendable conveyor


Loader without extendable conveyor


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