Dock Safety Barrier Gate

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Prevent accidents from occurring in your workplace with our FALL-STOP™ Dock Safety Barrier Gate range. These innovative systems improve safety practices within a workplace and prevent access to areas where an incident may occur.

Providing strength, convenience and reliability, when utilised in a loading dock area, Dock Safety Barrier Gates ensure accidents do not occur between forklifts, pallet handling and pedestrians.  Their counterbalance constructions allows for easy operation and energy absorbing bumpers protect the gate and building assets from any impacting forces. Standard clear openings from 2135mm wide x 2440mm high to 3050mm wide x 3050mm high in 300mm increments. Advise you door opening when enquiring.

The Dock Safety Barrier Gate can either be integrated as an electrically powered or manual operation model.  They feature a number of benefits with a range of options to fully complete your workplaces safety systems.

Additional Information

How does it work?

The lowered gate prevents forklift trucks from passing through an opening where a dangerous drop may occur. When used at a loading dock it further prevents door track and panel damage caused by forklifts and pallet handling.  The barrier is located 760mm above floor level, preventing forklift passage and protecting buildings and equipment.

Depending on the required integration these gates can be push button or manually operated.  The ASG Model (electric model) is a premium powered unit, with push button controls and electric drive. The MSG Model (manual model) is an affordable alternative that is pushed up manually and pulled back down with a strap.

All Safety Gates are primed and finished in high visibility yellow paint.  They are maintenance free and the entire structure has black and yellow warning labels across its beams to ensure its noticed in any environment.


  • Stops fork trucks accessing openings and prevents dock accidents.
  • Prevents damage to building assets, door tracks and panels.
  • Complete in a high visibility safety yellow colour with black/yellow striping.
  • A counter balance system for smooth operation.
  • Withstand impact force of over 4500kg travelling at 6km/ph.
  • Energy absorbing bumpers to protect the gate from impact (as well as other building assets).
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Available in either electric or manual operation.
  • Can be integrated with any safety system.

Optional Extras:

Galvanised steel structure.

  • Integrated operating equipment systems.
  • Optional barrier gates, doors, dock levellers, vehicle restrains and communication lights requirements are also available to completely integrate your operations and safety processes.
  • Photo-electric safety stops.
  • Weatherproof electric systems.

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