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Sheet & Panel Truck and A-Frame Panel Truck

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The A Frame Panel Truck & mattress trolley has high-side inclined frame and side rail holds sheet, panel and mattress loads firmly in place during transit.

The Sheet and Panel Truck has three removable powder-coated steel vertical frames provide support for bulky loads.  Frames can be removed as needed based on load requirements.

They can transport large, bulky sheet goods and hard-to-handle loads such as doors, lumber, sheet rock, tables, mattresses and cubicle walls.

Both trucks have built-in safety features including retainer clips that lock frames securely in place and prevent unintended removal.  Four tie-down points, two on each side, help with load retention and holds sheet goods securely.  Textured deck surface reduces load slippage.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

A-Frame Panel Truck
1216 x 616mm deck
907kg capacity


Sheet and Panel Truck
1216 x 616mm deck
907kg load capacity


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